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😏 kf2 experience fixes / suggestions


Apr 23, 2024
  • no owning/custom servers this is not garry's mod it breeds players too comfortable building up these habits to spam firebug/demo on farming maps like zashiki/pool these players dont even know how to bash zeds/parry, just spam all their ammo like they always been
  • make the game much more punishing for using ammo
  • do not remove edar noobs just crying ignore them
  • improve skin/cosmetic system it was kinda dry especially the outfits...
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  • do not remove edar noobs just crying ignore them
Imagine saying "noob" in 2024.

Sucks to be you though, because Tripwire already confirmed there would be no EDARs in KF3. And that's a good riddance. They didn't fit either thematically or mechanically.

-Why couldn't you use custom servers? That used to be a staple of PC gaming, and I'm very sad that it's not a thing anymore. I do believe, however, that you shouldn't be able to level up your perks/characters unless you play on a vanilla setting. Either that, or reintroduce the whitelisting of mods, maps and what not.

-Why do you mean making the game more punishing for using ammo...? You're kinda forced to use ammo to dispatch zeds, you know, the main goal of the game? Maybe you meant that you should have LESS reserve ammo, in order to make every shot count a little more? It would make spamming far less reliable I guess.

-At least we can fully agree on cosmetics... I think they should redo everything really. The most important of all would be to favor quality over quantity. I'm sure most players haven't seen even one third of the cosmetics available in KF2... I also believe it shouldn't be THAT RARE to get some new ones, even without spending money. Finding so many duplicates in the Vault is not rewarding at all. Having to craft ten pieces of the same rarity only to get something trash or that you already have is painfully annoying too. And let's not forget that KF2 was guilty of using the now-infamous lootboxes... I really believe they could do better. In a way that would still bring them money, without feeling nearly as hostile to consumers.
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