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  1. Extension7

    [RO2/RS]Tip size

    The tips in this game are pretty nice addition, especially since there are some new features in Rising Storm as well. But it'd be nice if it wasn't so... intrusive? The box seems fairly large, a reduction is needed IMO. Thanks for the additions though. ;)
  2. Extension7

    A small idea that could make a nice impact.

    Multiplayer campaign, yeah, we got it, it's delayed, it had problems but people loved being stuck with the same group of fellows during the battles. I really hope we can do more testing on this because I think this is one of the more community forming game modes we need in HoS. RIGHT, onto the...
  3. Extension7

    More and more Tank Rambling

    Just going to ramble about tanks for a bit (again), the system itself, what I think could use improvements or major changes upon, and what should have been added in and why I think tanking failed pretty terribly in this game. The good stuff There are things TWI did right in the tanking system...
  4. Extension7

    Tank&Vehicle focused update?

    Ok so we all know the last two major updates have been really fun and all, each of them being focused on a certain element. The GOTY update helped with combat and general optimization and gameplay, the Barashka update added gamemode refinements along with additional tools for modders and such...
  5. Extension7

    SteamWorkshop- Make it easier to see what happening

    And by that I mean let us know what we're going to have to download and at least the percentage the current download is at. Right now when I start the game I don't know what maps are going to update/how many I'll have to update, on top of that when I was downloading the Univermag (a pretty...
  6. Extension7

    Auto Tactical Display when switching postions in tanks.

    I don't know if it's just me or the game but every time I switch postions in the tank to driver to gunner etc it pops up the tactial display automatically as if I've captured an objective or just spawned. Has anyone else noticed this? Be nice if it could be looked at if it's no big deal.. :D
  7. Extension7

    Changes for the AT rifles.

    It seems impossible at the moment to track a tank. I don't even think it's a viable tactic anymore to track it. You can shoot at it all you want with your AT rifle but nothing will happen, you're beter off going for the ammo and piercing the hull with your overpowered rifle :P I suggest that AT...
  8. Extension7

    [Map-WIP] TE-Platz

    Name subject to change Just a quick glimpse of what I've been working on for a bit. Kinda of a spin off of Konigs Platz from RO1. Using my fabulous memory from working a tad with UE2 and looking up kismet tutorials I hope to make my first map on this game a nice looking one at the least :o :p...
  9. Extension7

    Terrain Frustration

    I've been dilligently playing with my terrain finding textures that fit, painting them on, tesselating, blending, etc etc. And it's a bit tedious at first but it's worth while and kinda relaxing >.> ANYWAYS I'm getting a bit ticked off because I'm getting these two errors: TERRAIN MATERIAL...
  10. Extension7

    Can't create ROMapInfo?

    I'm trying to set up some basic classes in my level to be able to test run it. I go to View>World Properties>World Info>My Map Info and click on ROMapInfo, but nothing happens. I've done this before on another test level and it gives me the whole shabang of options for the game. But nothing is...
  11. Extension7

    Friend tanking

    I'd like to see another feature added into the tanks and APCs option for allowing humans in. I think if you want to allow humans in, it'll open the slots up to the public. But if you click no, you should have an option somewhere to invite specific people on the server into your tank with you...
  12. Extension7

    Had some fun team tanking. (And some gripes!)

    Had a pretty enjoyable time tanking on Commisar's House just now, with a complete stranger as my gunner! We did pretty well at our roles of taking care of the PZIV, and taking care of infantry. Although most of the time the PZIV shot us in our turret rotation and engine, we still did an...
  13. Extension7

    Server filter now working.

    Not a big deal, don't even know if it's not working for everyone else, but when I filter out to a certain gamemode (ROClassic) it filters all the servers even though there are clearly Classic servers running. Anyone else having the problem?
  14. Extension7

    Spawning tanks further back.

    Right now I (and I hope many others feel) tanks are not done as okay as we'd hope. You can see for yourself that many servers turned tanks OFF due to various issues. I know TWI members acknowledged issues about AI tanking and such and that's sweet now we'll get that fixed ^__^ But theres...
  15. Extension7


    Now I'm not an expert on the subject of Steamworkshop and all, but afaik it's a sort of hub for aquiring mods and content for certain games that have it. Like Skyrim and TF2, you can download mods, weapons, models and all that. I think it'd be pretty awesome if there was someway to adapt it to...
  16. Extension7

    Losing momentum after sprinting melee

    I guess that was one small thing I noticed from RO:OST to RO:HoS, when you charge your rifle butt or your bayonet, sprint forward and release, you lose all your sprinting momentum, and you need to recover by sprinting once more. I thought it was cool how in RO1 you were able to charge in with a...
  17. Extension7

    Mamayev Appreciation Thread.

    Just a thread to post your feelings on the balance gameplay of the map, also post your epic pictures here too! ^__^ I'll start off. The map is great, lots of cover, soo many trenches, bunkers and tunnels. You can try to pixelshoot with your rifle or be a tunnel rat with SMGs. There are some...
  18. Extension7

    Ghost bug (boo!)

    So I was playing on Red October Factory, after the first round I got selected with that battlefield commision stuff, so I took the tank commander role. And when the next round started I was not in a tank. I was able to run around so I ran over to 3 germans, they did not see more or shoot at me...
  19. Extension7

    Changing the class selection menu.

    Basically what the title says, I feel the most of the time I just click what class is available to me, and I totally forget about the squad selection menu. To click the squad selection menu... It's just kind of going out of the way to click it. And even then the squad menu is kind of confusing...
  20. Extension7

    Instant Action/Practice

    Now this is going to be a sort of big deal for me. Instant Action mode for those of you who don't know is basically a sort of offline free roam mode where you can explore the maps with whatever settings you desire, you can set time limits, bot count, gamemodes, and such. You can also playtest...