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  1. Morello

    Alex Quick (creator of KF) playing (chatting) on livestream

    This livestream started about 20 minutes ago, Alex isn't the one playing on the stream and you'll probably get frustrated with the guy playing, but Alex is chatting about the game, and is playing on the server.
  2. Morello

    [Fix] Losing connection within 60 seconds? Thomson / BT / etc routers

    If you are losing connection to the server, either timing out or seeing people running into walls, within a few seconds of joining, then you are probably experiencing a common problem with a certain brand of routers. This is caused by a faulty rule on routers made by Thomson, or rebadged...
  3. Morello

    [Game] The Last Express

    As a heads up to anyone who has lost their discs or could never find a copy, The Last Express is now on sale here: If you don't know anything about it, it's a unique old first-person perspective adventure game set on...
  4. Morello

    Fix for "Querying Master Server"

    Edit: The information in this post was out of date so has been deleted. This issue has cropped up again recently. At the moment it looks like there may be problems on Steam's end. You may be able to find servers by using the Steam server browser instead of the in-game one - to do this...
  5. Morello

    Fix for BT HomeHub / Thomson / BeBox etc routers disconnecting - walking into walls

    EDIT: Since a Steam update it seems this does not work any more. Use one of the workarounds listed below: connect to a game and when it disconnects you open the console with the ` or ' key and type reconnect (you may have to do this twice) wait longer than 1 minute after refreshing the...