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    Weapon layout in 50 player server

    While playing on the new 50 player server I had a great time (with the map Danzig, I was surprised that it worked with 50 players!). Though one thing bothered me. The weapon layout hasn't changed! The weapon layout is now something like this: Commander: 1 MG: 1 Riflemen: 18 Semi auto gun: 2...
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    Little mod for the UC, this AT vehicle for the germans :rolleyes: It was used mainly on the Eastern front with captured UC's, it had 3 Panzerschrecks on top of it and a battery of Panzerfausts! (don't take this really serious unless you wants to)
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    Something that came just in my mind after playing RO again, on really a lot of maps I saw this poster which is also the screen when you choose the classes (though it has the SS runes blurred). It is one of the recruiting posters from the Waffen SS for Dutch volunteers. My big question: is it...
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    New Stalingrad map? Volga OST

    THIS IS NOT MY MAP!!!!!!! A new map I saw today, Volga_OST_Beta.RO, this map is about the first scenes from Enemy at the gates where the Russians crossed the Volga to enter Stalingrad. It starts (for the Russians) at the west side of the Volga, where they have to cross the Volga by boat (a...
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    Change Barashka please

    Please change Barashka! It ****s pretty hard now as it is over in a couple of minutes (last game was 3 minutes!). Some lame things about that map: - the ice, all tanks cross over it (maybe just fix the gates in the stone wall (with some small holes for infantry). Tanks should fall trough ice...
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    scoreboard+death message should be disabled

    Why is it an serverside option? Having the crosshairs isn't an serverside option while the death messages and scoreboard are? IRL they didn't had those so get rid of it. Now most of the servers have them on (is it a standard option on or off?. RO is a game that is differend from all the First...
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    Tankcommander should call in artillery in his tank

    One think that bothers me for a long time is that I can't call for an artillery strike in an tank. IRL the command tank could call in artillery while he was in the field without walking towards an radiopost. I don't know how this is for the Russians, but the Germans had an radio in every tank...
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    To all early war map mappers...

    Give the Germans also AT rifles, they also used captured PTRD a lot. They were called by the German forces as the PzB 783(r).
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    Tanks in Barashka are wrong

    The 5.SS Wiking didn't had any Tigers, it only had Panther's and Panzer IV's. Change the Tiger in an Panther. It is an small change but it is historical accurate. Look at the order of battle here: Wiking -> order of battle
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    screaming, yelling and stuff like that

    One of the things I miss in RO is that nobody screams if he gets shot. They all keep their mouth shut which isn't very realistic. I would like to see more sounds in this game. It isn't the library.
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    Maps loads faster but also crash sometimes

    Since a week the RO maps load 10x as fast as they used to be, the problem is that since a week RO closes without any reason. Sometimes it is after one minuut, sometimes after a couple of hours. Nevertheless, it just happents and my computer restarts. It is nice that the maps load very fast but...
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    What program do I need to make a RO map and where can I download it?

    What do I need to start making a map? I've done a map for Forgotten Hope so I know a bit about mapping, though I haven't done something for RO. What program do I need to make a RO map and where can I download it?
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    Mapidea: ambush of T34's

    Just as in the movie Stalingrad, maybe an idea for an mapper without one:
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    Most of the uniforms of the strangest WW2 countries
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    Being a good teamleader

    I don't know, but why are the guys who play squadleader not really the squadleader. I was playing Makhnovo while being the Squadleader. Normally Axis lose this game but with a lot of good teamwork and a good squadleader we won 2 out of 3. The one we lose was only because we needed a few minutes...
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    O please, dear God, save me

    O god..... Today I was playing RO, Barashka (almost no custum maps this time, most stalingradkessel). As always was I in my trusty StuG. Some kid came in and took the commanderpostition. Normally this would make the game more fun (noting beats teamtanking). But it begun already bad. He was...
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    What is the summeroffensive mappack

    What is the summeroffensive mappack? I saw the trailer and I saw a Fallschirmj
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    Can't see rain

    I can't see weather effects like rain while I have weather effects on. How can I change this?