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  1. Zakxaev68

    Non-canon Classic Masterson looks

    WHYY!! Why, why... Classic Masterson didn't retain his original look. You replaced the "I am ready to furrk you" face looks to: You dun up big, least a proper cardboard face-mask may did well with the jokes. /end rant
  2. Zakxaev68

    Textures: basic texture replacement execution?

    Testing some crap on the good ole' classic I wasn't about sure possible until the day I installed the SDK (go ahead, laugh at me, LOL). Need a second opinion on the manipulation process. While I know Unreal's LE basics, I ought to change the pieces in KFMapEndTextures group, contained in...
  3. Zakxaev68

    Halloween Horrors' cooking, Zeds cooking

    Panel @ PAX West just round up, things looking slick. Mixed bag for me, Hans has me excited. Based on what I saw/heard during video downtime, already at work on 2019 update content plan, a host of big things cooking in the background - classic maps, play me! Up n coming: ZEDs turned into...
  4. Zakxaev68


    Mark your calendars, on Sep 1st TWI will host a booth at Gamescom unveiling what's to come for the game ahead of H-win update rolling out for each platform. Will live-stream here: Those who plan a meet-n-greet with devs, head on to PAXs' website for details on...
  5. Zakxaev68

    Haaalp, multi-language WebAdmin?

    Note I am posting this in here due to it being not quite the usual modding inquiry. Anyone willing to be a helping hand in making WebAdmin multi-language for the purpose of... complementing a game localization....? I am quite a man at work when it comes to doing things decent way, want that...
  6. Zakxaev68

    "Hosting made easy, they said, few clicks, they said"

    ...Seriously, Tripwire? You must've been out of your minds leaving listen-servers in the office. Utter **** of a process, long way past easy like wiki page says. I decided to open a private server for myself, test WebAdmin things out. Until errors started appearing like flies on ****. In to...