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  1. A Civil Engineer

    KF 121.1MB update?

    Anyone know what was done in it?
  2. A Civil Engineer

    18.5MB update

    Any details about what was changed besides the Christmas zeds? Im pretty sure their was a few map exploits/bugs that were discussed, but not sure what else was done.
  3. A Civil Engineer

    Update is here!

    326.4 MB's baby :D But no list of what is being done, besides the obvious. I hope any bugs that were fixed, are mentioned. Found all pieces. EDIT: Changes: Bezerker spawn with Axe, not chainsaw Perk descriptions are fixed and more cleaer in their meaning EvilSantaLair map exploit near...
  4. A Civil Engineer

    Special Commando Grenades

    I know this was brought up by a certain "so and so" person, but Ill just bring up again for debate. Since the firebug was the first class to have a special grenade, and now that the medic has a special grenade as well, i was wondering what could the other classes have for 'special grenades"...
  5. A Civil Engineer

    Mirrored maps?

    I was wondering if there are mirror versions of the offical maps. Of course, what I mean by mirror, is that its the same map, but reversed. It doesnt sound like much, but it would make the map feel like its something different.
  6. A Civil Engineer

    Zed Voice Changer

    Ive been wondering about this for a long time, but is there some program or "voice effect" that I could use to sound like either the Fleshpound or the Husk? It would be neat to be able to use it to make custom voice lines and what not, but I really like how the fleshpound sounds and it would be...
  7. A Civil Engineer

    Creating a Listen Server

    Ok, so Ive done a bit of reading and research, and Im stumped on whats going on. I understand the basics about making a server and what not, and I'm at the part where I need to make sure I have a few ports open. Now, Ive tried to figure it out on my own ,and Ive come down to the fact where its...
  8. A Civil Engineer

    White listing removed?

    Sorry for asking this obvious question, but I can not get to my home computer, and I saw that white listing was removed for all maps and things. Can someone verify this, because if this is true, besides the fact that many people will be farming, I find this great because now I can play on all...
  9. A Civil Engineer

    Trader opens before first wave?

    Ok, so tonight has been weird for me when it comes to joining servers. First off, when I join a sever, the menu thing that usually shows with the "select perk" and "ready" buttons, does not show up until about 5 seconds later. Second, when I do pick one, I can not change it because when I...
  10. A Civil Engineer

    The New Map

    Ok, so here's where we talk about the new map, HillBillyHorror. First off, Ive got to say that I love its overall feel. The amount of trash and vegation and stuff added, is perfect. Second, I love the individualness of each of the buildings. Also, I ilke the use of an elevator in the barn...
  11. A Civil Engineer

    Firebugs and Husk's Fireball Launcher

    Im not sure if such an idea has been discussed before, but I was thinking that when a Husk's fireball launcher that is dropped after killing a Husk, it could be collected by a Firebug and it could be used to give the Firebug's HFL a very slight fill. Basically, it acts as an ammo case, but it...