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    [Error] Post-GOTY, TE-Barracks Infarmary MG location reverses strafe buttons

    Online, 64-player server ([40-1] Realism), TE-Barracks. Go allied, get MG, attack Infarmary, set up MG-34 in reception table shooting towards warehouse, try strafing left or right. You'll find strafe controls - on that location only - are reversed i.e. strafe left pushes you right and strafe...
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    [Error] After GOTY, TE-Station 2nd floor window can't be used with MG

    Catagory: Map design Reproducibility: Always Summary: TE-Station 2nd floor window useless for MG Online/Offline: Both After GOTY update, offline or online, TE-station, 2nd floor window looking map west towards cap C is...
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    [Error] Map or score card close automatically while spectating

    Category: Code? Reproducibility: Always Summary: Map or score card close automatically while spectating when dead and waiting for map to close Description: When own side reinfo is out, enemy still got reinfo and you're spectating alive team member while waiting map to end. Try viewing score...
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    [Error] Selecting role before enough players join a new map will change your role by one slot

    During online play, on a server with enough slots (happened on 64-slot servers to me), your role might get "shifted up". When map changes and new map begins role selection, assume you join among first 1-4 players. Select any role (observed with MG role) except assault or rifle class, i.e...
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    [Error] Sometimes player character goes to "hover" mode in prone position

    Category: Code, most likely Reproducibility: Unable to reproduce, happened twice Summary: Sometimes player character enters "hover" mode while prone AND a nade/arty round going off nearby. Description: Twice, while having a nade or artillery round going off nearby, you engage "hover" mode...
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    [Error] MG-34 250-round belt gives odd shadow

    Noticed only today, at least on TE-CommissarsHouse and TE-GrainElevator. First I thought I was swinging a walking stick, but it's clearly the belt displaying very odd, separated shadow, as if generated from different angle than player rag doll shadow. Examples: Looks like walking stick, from a...
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    [Error] TE-Apartments, got pushed through floor, hanging by hair

    A few days ago, on a full 64/64 server at TE-Apartments was on Potapova Park cap zone right side, upstairs in the remains of a building. Survived a nearby nade, which displaced me through floor, could see the corner cap zone but not the upstairs anymore...
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    [Question] How did that guy end up in B3 at TE-Station?

    After axis exhausted their reinforcements on TE-Station at a 64/64 full server, just a single axis player was alive - in B3 coordinates as reported by recon: How did he get there?
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    Surviving nearby 'nade should make your ears ring

    Assuming you survived that 'nade just around the corner, the blast impact could: - demoralize you (or does it already, couldn't remember?) - cause slight walking balance issues, your inner ear won't like it - cause your ears to ring (damp all other voices by -20...-30db, play tinnitus sound in...
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    [Error] Map glitch in TE-RedOctoberFactory

    Allies side, between left initial spawn and 1st cap: the wheel of torture Category: map design Reproducibility: Always Summary: TE-RedOctoberFactory Description: Go allies, spawn at left initial spawn. Run left side towards the 1st factory building left corner. There's a car wheel near sewer...
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    [Error] FPS dropping after a few maps

    Aye, after Nov 21st patch, FPS drop after 2-3 maps still present as discussed in other thread(s). With first 2-3 maps FPS stays in decent range of 60-95 depending on map, view etc. However, at some point after about 2-3 maps frame rate drops radically in 20-40 range and sound starts...
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    [Error] Gain field promotion at start of map, miss first spawn

    Happened 4 times during last two days. Not the first times for me, but I think I've nailed it down to particular conditions. When map starts, you gain field promotion before round begins. If you accept it, you'll miss the initial spawn wave. You won't see the countdown timer towards 1st spawn...
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    Suggestion: Debug button

    Aye, Since some of the bugs seem to be intermittent or manifest infrequently, would it be possible to have a button for taking a debug dump? Now, if the bug involves a crash, you may have a full dump available which definitely helps. However, most of the issues seem to be during online play...
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    [Question] Server going from ranked to unranked mindlessly?

    Nice one, played on just a while back. Last map was TE-Commissarshouse. After two rounds of fight, i.e. after map was over, RO2 kindly said that the server is unranked and promptly ditched at least that map's worth of experience. Played at least 3-4 maps before that - those...
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    [Error] TE-Fallenfighters map bugs

    EDIT: 7.3.2013: Issues #1 and #2 seem to be fixed, issue #3 untested. 1. Allies side shell hole left flank, within Park Center cap zone Category: map design Reproducibility: Always Summary: TE-Fallenfighters Description: Online/Offline: online 2. Allies side nearest sewer with T-junction...
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    Commissar's House needs makeover

    1. At initial spawn, one Axis tank parks on the left side (as seen from Allies point of view), shoots HE to spawn & dusts ally players down with MG fire. No exiting left of spawn. Or, Axis tank parks far right, shooting HE to spawn & spraying allies rushing to building 81 down. Occasionally...
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    [Crash] Official release crash dumps

    Guess official release needs a dump thread. Started game, went to server browser, updated filter to display only anticheat protected servers, hit apply - blammo. Dump attached.