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    Proper Animation Export Settings

    What is the correct workflow when exporting skeletal animations? I have a decent set of animations in Autodesk 3DS using the standard KF2 bone rig, and finally found a combination of settings that doesn't instantly crash the SDK on import. Yet the rig is pretty messed up in game, with the bone...
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    Animations Not Triggerin on Custom Weapon

    Hello I've imported a model into the SDK, got it all textured and able to be used in game. Everything looks right in the anim viewer in the SDK. However, when I spawn the weapon in in KF2, it shows the textured model facing 180 degrees in the wrong direction (muzzle back towards player), even...
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    Custom model packages working on multiplayer?

    I've recently finished a new MESH file with custom MAT, ANIM and TEX groups, remodeling one of the game's base weapons. I enjoy using it and want to share it, but any official or unmodified server automatically kicks for having the modified MESH when it comes into use, ruling out most servers...
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    Sound Reverb Info

    How exactly are the parameters for reverb on SFX given by the game engine? I see the switch and game parameters for them in the stock .bnk .txt, but trying to implement a decent reverb without concrete information has been the equivalent of stumbling around in the dark. Is there a way to set the...
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    .bnk I/O Structure

    When setting up a mixed stream/cache soundbank that works out of the "Windows" asset folder like MACT_Default, are the stock WWise Stream manager and low-level + deferred hook profiles used, or is there a KF2 specific file that must be used?
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    .wem and .bnk Workshop Support

    Will the workshop ever support audio mods? In the last 10 months of EA I've developed a few new soundtracks and .bnks for sound effects. They're stable and work with multiplayer, but the Steam Workshop will not download them to clients. Will we see this kind of support for audio mods?
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    Uploading Weapon Skin to Workshop

    I have a lot of weapon skins I've been using for months now. I've been able to get them into the upload tool and into Steam to the best of my ability, but none of them are showing in game. When I upload, I just select the (functional) .upk file, brew it, and upload without script. Is this...
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    Is there a way to use the packaged .txt for soundbanks as a definition file?

    Trying to rebuild the sound FX assets for the game. I have all the assets I need and am trying to package new soundbanks. Is there a way to use the included .txt files as definition files for the soundbank? The format is throwing Wwise off, but I'd like to avoid building up a new event and...
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    Upload to Free Workshop?

    I noticed there are 2 Steam workshops for KF2- the normal Trading Floor one, where people vote on what they want as skins, and another shop where people can subscribe to what they want. I've been making small skins and soundpack mods throughout early access, and want to offer them over Steam for...