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  1. Clowndoe

    There's a first time for everything

    So the server I'm on loads a new map, and as usual I have pretty much full choice of which class I want to play. I consider playing rifleman and machine gunner, but neither the Moisin nor the DP-28 seem like fun to me right now. For a while I have the sinking feeling that I've played every class...
  2. Clowndoe

    The Gun Thread to End all Gun Threads

    Over the course of the past few weeks, it has been argued whether or not it would be advantageous to add weapons which may or may not have been in the battle of Stalingrad in order to increase variety. As an argument for variety, there has come about the argument that the majority of people do...
  3. Clowndoe

    Is the AVT 40 useful?

    From what I heard, the kick is so bad it may aswell be an excuse for assault class to have an SVT-40 that can defend itself in 10m or less, which would kind of be realstic. Shortly after issuing the weapon the Russian authorities ordered their troops to fire it in single-fire only. So, is...