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    What would you want to see in a Realism Mod

    adjustments on already existing game mechanics (no big new features), a place where this mythical modder will come to reference and gain inspiration from other like minded players Here are a few of my ideas to start (some more or less already heavily discussed) -Increased Sway (if possible...
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    it would be nice... (forum member created FAQ)

    if the FAQ was updated or rewritten to reflect the game having been released. I know the Dev's have other things to do, but given the lack of any manual or other tech page it would make sense to let the forums help create a proper game FAQ to help new and uninitiated players into learning the...
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    A resource for unlocked guns/mods

    , For those gifted with stats that are being saved, and those that have otherwise unlocked things Would you please post what you know and I will update this with what you provide. ALLIES PPSh-41 -71Rd Drum Magazine @LVL 25 -Single Shot Mode @LVL 50 Mosin-Nagant -Bayonet @LVL 25...
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    Gamma !!!!!!

    its a bit crazy that in a competitive game there is no way to adjust the gamma in the game settings... i feel kinda silly even positing this here, there is no reason this should not have been a "feature" of the shipped game. ...and i know you can adjust it in the .ini ...but to ask someone to...
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    Destructible environments?

    I thought I remembered hearing buildings could be pretty heavily damaged.. not destroyed but nearly gutted none the less, after seeing plenty of artillery called on top of a building and tank rounds going through windows (ala RO1) I realized what was missing... you shouldnt have to aim for...
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    so i finely tried playing again...

    only one ctd later and an hour or so of gameplay (pretty happy with the stability this time actually) and it seems to be saving my "stats" (I dont think i played more then 15min before this so there is no way these are older stats carrying over... unless they are updating from RO1?) in about...
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    Are there really silencers to be unlocked?

    sorry I did a few search's and it was hard to tell if people were trolling or saying the truth... ..are there infact silencers? and for what weapons? (this feels a bit crazy that i am entertaining the possibility this might be true)
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    MKB unlocks...?

    so on that initial RO2 splash screen we all see... the already mighty MKB:IS2: is fitted with both a scope and a bayonet. Are these real unlocks we will get through leveling? thought you feared the MKB before but give me a scope and bayonet!!
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    Tried to play tank... 3 Game killing Bugs to report

    These are the three attempts to spawn and play as a tank Crewman after freshly joining the server 1st spawned outside the tank.. the tank HUD was still there but all I could do was walk around next to the other tanks at spawn ...typed suicide in the console 2nd spawned in the tank started...
  10. S


    This really MUST be changed for the final release! and I am worried if it is not it will likely never change as it would significantly affect stats and progression. The ranges people are getting kills is crazy, I remember someone having posted a piece with interviews on the TOP German snipers...
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    Reaction from a Player Collision

    keeping the soft collisions as they are, If the player and yourself reacted to the collision I think it would take away much of the "running through a ghost" feeling that is present (where it almost feels like there is no collision whatsoever.. much less a "soft" one) A simple detail like...
  12. S

    Is leveling by class or gun?

    I noticed the points seem to go into each individual gun and not the class you are playing... and the classes seem to receive points themselves will there then be unlocked perks for a commander separate from the perks you unlock for each individual weapon.... or will "Elite Infantry" receive...
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    Game minimizes and messes up keyboard

    I am fairly certain this is from the game as I have never had the problem before and now its happened twice in a row back to back.. basically all of a sudden most of the keyboard makes the game minimize.. .and whats really odd is it continues outside of the game.. for example if I hit the "D"...
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    Please Please Please tone down the VOICE chatter

    I know there is the option of making your character speak less... but having tried all three options my guy still decided to announce to the enemy that I thought he was close by (that was both on minimal, and critical only settings)... This is ridiculous... when I am angry at what my character...
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    Beta not showing?

    how do i get it to start downloading? its not showing up anywhere? i restarted steam and still nothing? Im worried maybe steam doesnt know i bought the DDE, but i checked my email and it confirms I did.. it just doesnt say it on the game list..
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    Transparency option for HUD

    I really hope there will be a transparency option, because from what ive seen of the gameplay video's there are too many giant bits of opaque text popping up on the screen... also the HUD items themselves are comically large, (reminds me of DOD2 in a not good way) I feel this wouldnt be hard...
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    Throwing Grenades Back?

    I did some search's and surprisingly couldnt find a confirmation.... To anyone that plays Roost now, I am sure this has been on your mind.., simply, can we throw grenades back in RO2?
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    Blowing Ammo cache's

    I think this would be a cool feature and I'm surprised to have not seen it mentioned before.. .wouldn't be too hard to do either. Assuming there will be ammo cache's like in Roost it would be cool if you could sneak behind enemy lines and blow one of their ammo cache's with a satchel and it...
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    will 'leveling' progress carry from the beta

    unlocking weapons and other stats, will they be carried from the beta to released game?
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    How does the running speed compare to ROOST?

    From what I saw in some of the gameplay videos I have gotten a little worried, to me its one of the biggest game breakers in a game trying to be realistic, a perfect example is DOD.. the original mod (before it got swept up by valve) was far from Counter Strike with WW2 guns, when they...