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  1. mikkou

    Building lights in area

    Phew, haven't been here in a while. Anyway, my map is taking forever to build lights atm, so I want to use the "build in an area" function. However, I couldn't find a way of selecting everything at once on a specific area (lets say inside builder brush for example, which worked on kf1 editor)...
  2. mikkou

    Doors Invisible/Broken?

    Category: Code? Reproducibility: Happens every now and then if not always, on every map as far as I can tell. Summary: Doors appear to be open, but when trying to walk through them you cannot. Description: Doors appear to be open but still stop you from walking past them. "Opening" the door...
  3. mikkou

    Survivalist Carrying Capacity Changes

    Category: Code? Reproducibility: Always? Summary: When reaching level 20 (possibly also when reaching lvl 25) your carrying capacity changes from 20 back to 15 mid-game, while using the skill that increases your carrying capacity. Description: When using Weapon Harness skill to increase your...
  4. mikkou


    KF-CrystalCave Map Size: Medium Description: As you might have guessed from the map name, this is indeed a cave, filled with glowing crystals. Screenshots: See the workshop page for more. Download: Im...
  5. mikkou

    Landscape missing material in game?

    Yet another problem with the damn landscapes. Everythings working fine in the editor, and Im not using any custom materials for the landscape, but when I go in game everything has changed into the default blue/white squares. Please tell me this is something I can fix because my map is basically...
  6. mikkou

    Editor Crash while building lights

    So for some reason my editor suddenly crashes when building lights on my map. This is what the error log is saying: For me it looks like theres missing files but I tried validating files for both KF2 and the editor itself but its still happening. Any ideas?
  7. mikkou


    KF-HIVE ... Map Size: Medium Screenshots: More at the workshop (link below) Download: Description: A new experiment gone wrong resulted in a massive mutated growth that is slowly consuming both the specimens and humans alike. You've been...
  8. mikkou


    KF-Hydrophobia-v1 Map Size: Small File Size: 42mb Screenshots: More at the workshop page (link below) Download: Description: I guess you could call this a research station, which is located in the middle of a small lake. Originally it was...
  9. mikkou

    Rain Mesh on Manor

    I cant seem to figure out how the mapper managed to place those rain meshes in the map, because they dont seem to show up on any of the wireframe viewports, and even selecting it in the main viewport is a pain in the butt. And even after I finally manage to select one, I find it hard to figure...
  10. mikkou

    Dissapearing Static Meshes

    Alright so Im having a weird problem in my map where some static meshes turn transparent at a certain distance and pop back to visibility only when you stand almost right next to them. This has nothing to do with the Max Draw Distance as far as I can tell, as Ive tried to set it to 9999 and 0...
  11. mikkou

    Perk progress not saving?

    It seems to me that perk progress isnt saving properly, just a while back I leveled my gunslinger to 20 and next day he was back at 19, and yesterday I leveled demo to 17-18 and now hes 15? I think it happens after I click "exit to desktop" during the stats screen at the end of the map but Im...
  12. mikkou

    Money + Kismet

    From what Ive gathered, you cant alter player money within the kismet? Would be nice to know if TWI would consider adding this feature in the future, because I have some map ideas in mind that require giving and/or taking money from the players. Maybe as part of the objective mode? I wouldnt...
  13. mikkou

    Precomputed Visibility + Build Time?

    First of all, are people using precomputed visibility? I didnt use it on my first map which is working fine without it (though its smallish anyway) but I thought Id use it on Subterrane for performance reasons and building the map (lights) takes me about an hour and half. Is this normal...
  14. mikkou


    KF-Subterrane Version: 3d (current final) Map Size: Medium Screenshots: Special Features: - Destructable lights indoors, permanent light outdoors. - Emergency lighting triggered by destroying certain things in the map. - Couple extra spawns for specimens triggered by destruction, so...
  15. mikkou


    KF-Subterrane Version: 2 Download: Check the "final" thread for the newest version. Map Size: Medium Screenshots: Special Features: - Fully destructable lights indoors. - Emergency lighting triggered by destroying certain things in the map. - Couple extra spawns for specimens triggered by...
  16. mikkou

    Weird collision behaviour on walls

    For some reason, when I throw money (or weapons) towards the walls on my map, they get blocked halfway by invisible wall about 320 units away. Imagine you are standing behind the red line and throw an item towards the wall, it will stop at the red line. However, if you cross that red line and...
  17. mikkou


    Version: 3c (final) Map Size: Small/Medium Description: This is an underground facility with almost fully destructable lighting. This map is intended to be hard and force players to change camping spot often due the increasing darkness. Map still has small guidelights here and there though so...
  18. mikkou


  19. mikkou

    TraderPod has no animations in game?

    Okey so my trader pods are working except for the fact the it doesnt actually open up the pod during trader time. Anyone know why?
  20. mikkou

    Destructable lights not affected by siren/nade

    Got a weird problem going on where the destructable lights arent affected by sirens or grenades at all but shooting directly at them WILL destroy them. I noticed that when I lowered the light by a good amount so that its not encased in the ceiling at all it started working like it should...