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  1. Aleflippy

    Some type of Vault Shop? (Dumb idea maybe)

    Maybe it's pushing it too far, but I would love if you could actually purchase non-vault items the same way too... With added costs for how rare your items are (so pretty much like you pointed out, but with common-uncommon-rare-epic-legendary instead). I never quite got why they included two...
  2. Aleflippy

    Merc Report - Locks Are Such A Boring Problem

    ^This I've been the first to complain about Tripwire's business practices for KF2, but that season pass is really a wonderful step in the right direction. For better or for worse : DLCs are definitely here to stay (and it's not always a bad thing !). And considering the trend is to have season...
  3. Aleflippy

    Merc Report - It Came From The HRG Labs

    As usual, you'll have to wait for the update to drop ! Or more accurately : the beta ;-)
  4. Aleflippy

    Chivalry 2 Open Beta Announcement and Dev Diary

    As little as it may matter to Torn Banner and Tripwire, I have to say that you convinced me on the previous Closed Beta topic ;-) I delved a bit deeper into the game and watched tons of people playing. And it definitely seem like there's a ton of fun to be had. We'll have to see in the long...
  5. Aleflippy

    So when new summmer event ?

    Are we gonna get such posts prior to EVERY update now? Jeez guys, we've been having the same schedule for the past five years. As the name implies : the summer update will release in time for summer.
  6. Aleflippy

    Some type of Vault Shop? (Dumb idea maybe)

    It's far from a dumb idea. Or if it is : many others had it as well. I definitely concur I have to say. I'm all for less randomness in gaming (unless when it's a key gameplay element, like in roguelikes obviously). Even more so regarding rewards. It wouldn't hurt if you actually got more...
  7. Aleflippy

    Merc Report - Locks Are Such A Boring Problem

    ... Pretty sure that update was planned way before they held the poll.
  8. Aleflippy

    Merc Report - Locks Are Such A Boring Problem

    Yet another gun for the Firebug ? Oh man... I swear him, the demo and the medic are Tripwire's favorites. Then again, it's probably the easiest to come up with whatever idea, slap some fire, healing or explosives and call it a day. At least the Thermite Bore does look insanely cool, almost...
  9. Aleflippy

    Join The Conversation - What KF Plushy Are You Most Interested In?

    Gee, I didn't think it would be THAT HARD to choose... I would REALLY LOVE to have a Hans collectible, but more like an action figure than a plushie to be fair. The Scrake also happens to be my favorite zed of the bunch, but then again, the Siren is one of the most iconic, Pukey would be a...
  10. Aleflippy

    Please: buff the syringe

    I mean... It has been a thing since KF1, and one of their best ideas that they, thankfully, haven't curbed all that much. It pretty much only has upsides : -It reinforces the team-based gameplay. You only consume half your gauge as you heal a teammate, compared to the 100% when you heal...
  11. Aleflippy

    Merc Report - It Came From The HRG Labs

    @Aze seems like the Phalanx inspired them ;-) While my "rework" of the Static Slingers seems to have inspired the HRG Blast Brawlers... indirectly ! (Haven't forgotten to answer you btw, but I'm currently about to have my exams...) I dig those HRG weapons. I mean... I like a good deal of...
  12. Aleflippy

    Road redeemer vosh skin

    I mean...Considering I got a Rhino vosh skin, without ever purchasing that gun's DLC... That does make sense yeah. Don't know why I thought they wouldn't include golden skins for promotional weapons.
  13. Aleflippy

    Road redeemer vosh skin

    I think it's precisely because not everyone has road redemption that there's no skin tailor-made for it. Does the Zweihander have a gold skin?
  14. Aleflippy

    All Time Favorite Games

    Why would it fall out of line? Any game can be your favourite for a whole bunch of reasons! As long as you got great memories with it, its overall quality doesn't matter all that much. Plus to be fair, Mario Party and Pokemon are still pretty good games. Since I'm commenting, might as well add...
  15. Aleflippy

    Tripwire Interactive

    And thanks for that very insightful commentary. But worry not : I'm sure your second one will be much better.
  16. Aleflippy

    Killing Floor 2 Potential Weeklies For The Future - Your Input Requested

    You do realize we got a berserker-only weekly in the previous update, right?
  17. Aleflippy


    You also have no business being an ass about it to someone you don't know, even more so without providing any concrete answers or proof.
  18. Aleflippy

    Revision of Stumble and Penetration Mechanics. Penetration and Stumble power must be proportional to the caliber of the weapon.

    No offense meant my friend...But what are you trying to say? I honestly don't know if you're praising or despising penetration to be brutally honest with you.
  19. Aleflippy

    Merc Report - Have You Tried Kicking It?

    Similarly to the last update : one outbreak got me excited and the other doesn't interest me in the slightest. Obviously, I'm eager to see how Scavenger will play out. The idea has been thrown around these forums for quite a while now, and by many people. It's amazing to finally see it come to...
  20. Aleflippy

    Killing Floor 2 - Potential Weapons For The Future (Your Input Requested)!

    Holy **** ! I didn't expect to see THAT MANY of them ! Even having 5 of them is already quite impressive... I wouldn't have been able to even think of so many, let alone consider them for inclusion. You definitely took time and effort to make it worthwhile. However, as to avoid polluting that...