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  1. daösi

    i am back !

    i am Back ! ^^
  2. daösi


    frome the Polish RO Community ! today 23.11.2012
  3. daösi

    mery: bloody mondays

    {MERC.}Server (IP-Adresse: 07 pm
  4. daösi

    DROL-German 6.Offensive - The Sommeroffensive

    ROHOS Sommeroffensive (the 6.Offensive) 7 Germans Squads Germans RO
  5. daösi

    Int. RO2 O-Tournament !

    soon Int. RO2 O-Tournament ! Quartal 3 or 4 clans join - Reg. and more Infos
  6. daösi

    Dro2L - Sommeroffensive 2

    DROHOSL German ROHOS Liga Soooooonnn
  7. daösi

    he Revenge of the Turul a add-on for Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45

    [CENTER] [FONT=Verdana]The Revenge of the Turul is a add-on for Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45 that focuses on the battles of the Royal Hungarian Army during the Second World War on the Axis side from battle on the Don river (summer of 1942) to the Defense of Budapest (1944-1945)...
  8. daösi


    [CENTER] For all those people who likes very good detailed RO Tank, Anti-Tank and Infantry Maps. Come on! Play with us on Sunday on our [DDS] Server / IP : Very high detailed Maps are waiting for all of you, to fight against or in a Team together. We would be very happy...
  9. daösi

    Merry Christmas! :)

  10. daösi

    CC RO-PITTENPASS coming soon

  11. daösi

    DH FightNight

  12. daösi

    MN Fight Night

  13. daösi

    Carpathian Crosses FIGHT NIGHT !