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    New Berserker Weapon - Brick

    Millwall Brick! Make it the Fire-axe Version of the Machete with a stun effect! Weight - 2 Stun Effect for all Classes, works on all mobs except for FP. Half attack speed of Machete $300 for the Manual, the newspaper's free.
  2. C

    I think I've seen this LAW before...

    Is it the LAW in Murphy's Law? Discuss.
  3. C

    Possible difficulty name changes?

    I know a lot of people feel it's cruel to call Beginner Beginner, simply because this game is, in general, hard for a lot of people who start it from other games thinking they are going to go out and solo Scrakes with M9s and headshots. Perhaps the difficulties should be named in methods more...
  4. C

    Manual Pick-up

    Picking up armor and weapons should be an action that requires the action button. Would prevent accidentally picking up random guns on the ground.
  5. C

    Custom Grenade Slot Replacement Items for Each Class

    Yeah, you heard me. Custom grenades. You buy the upgrade from the Trader and it replaces your standard grenades with new grenades. a culmination of random ideas I've read/hallucinated about. Demolitions - HEDP Grenade Extra fragmentation. Commando - Flashbang You throw it, it stuns small...
  6. C

    Modify Firebug DoT

    It seems to me that only one person, the first person who initiates it, gets the Damage over Time bonus. So you can't... say... stack 2 Firebugs to cause 2 Damage over Time. I understand that this is to prevent super DoT 6 man Firebug runs, but I think I've figured out a way to allow everyone...
  7. C

    Hunting Shotgun Projectile Count?

    OK, so I know there are a bunch of numbers thrown around: 6 single/10 double 5 single/12 double... And so on... I never quite understood the 6/10 logic. Why would anyone use double shot if it fired fewer pellets than a single shot? This picture should explain it well. Left side is a...
  8. C

    Killing Floor as an RTS/TBS

    Win? Lose? Imagine how epic the unit management would be, and how engrossing it would be to actually keep your party members alive from the rushing FPs!
  9. C

    Rebuilding the Story by Core Map Order?

    In hopes of figuring out exactly how the exact CANON plot goes along, we should probably only consider TWI official maps. Now, the story shouldn't be taken as the same squad fighting THROUGH zones, killing the Pat over and over again. That's silly. Basically, imagine these are all "finale"...
  10. C

    Balancing the Mac-10

    1. Reduce magazine capacity to 20. 2. Reduce bullet damage by 20% 3. Allow weapon to be dual-wielded. 4. Increase base cost to $750 per. Sounds right? =D
  11. C

    Berserker Ability - Lunge

    The Berserker is missing something. Obvioiusly, Zerdic has a higher running speed, armor, and healing rate, at the cost of melee speed, damage, and discount. What I propose is a special ability only the Berserker has. I call it... the LUNGE! Okay, maybe not that far :D Level 0 - No Lunge...