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  1. G

    Fleshpounds kind of look like garbage and not really nutcrackers...

    How do nutcrakers "really" look like?
  2. G

    These hmtech reticles are pretty bad

    I agree, I don't like the new sights either. On the rifle it's practically a nerf because they obscure more than they help to get on point. The shotgun sight outlines are unecessarily big. A simple and fine circle would have been enough. SMG is okay but I would still preferre the old dot. It's...
  3. G

    Let's talk about the incoming balance changes on medic HM401!

    That's just your personal assumption.
  4. G

    What weapon do you think need buff?

    Ceramic "dents" too.
  5. G

    PAX Roundup - New Faction, Weapons, Maps and More!

    Again: I'm not asking if tanks were generally used in Vietnam. I know that they were used. This is not the question here. The question is how would be a map scenario look like, that is fun to play. You want tanks, okay. How do you want to have them implemented? Give me a scenario based on a real...
  6. G

    Why is the medic SMG useless?

    When you try to kill Gorefiends with bodyshots there is something severely going wrong on your end. When the Gorefiend is blocking you can still shoot him in the head hitbox when you crouch.
  7. G

    claymores for pointmen?

    I was thinking about suggesting to replace the claymores in the pointman loadout with something more suitable for the assault role, like WP grenades for example. But maybe I'm just missing something about the claymores, so I want to discuss this first. How do you employ the claymores in the...
  8. G

    shot down helicopters statistics

    It would be nice to see the amount of shot down helicopters. So far there is only the achievement counter that goes up to 100. Would be nice to be able to see the stats past those 100.
  9. G

    Consctructive (mostly) Thread about map balance.

    I marked the most relevant landing sites for illustration. On An Lao one single RPG operator can cover the relevant spots alone. On Song Be the area is much larger and when the Americans get a hold of the south side of the river, they can directly go for Alpha and totally cut off the Vietnamese...
  10. G

    Helicopters & Pilots

    AGL = above ground level
  11. G

    freelook toggle

    I need a freelook toggle. At the moment it's only possible to have freelook always on or off, by a setting in the gameplay options. And that is bound to either the walk or prone key. The problem with that is for aiming helicopter weapons I need the mouse. When landing I need the freelook on the...
  12. G

    Victory conditions? Tie Breaker?

    Could someone please explain the exact victory donditions, because the tutorial video doesn't explain much and sometimes people are just surprized by an outcome that nobody on the server can explain. That's mostly when that „tie breaker“ occurs, but what exactly are the conditions for that...
  13. G

    Shotguns hit low left

    Thank you for your response. The hunting shotgun has the exact same issue. Shoots low and sometimes extremely to the left. (all pictures were taken online)
  14. G

    Shotguns hit low left

    I'm not sure if this is working as intended or more worth a bug report. Shotguns generally hit very low. So low that the target mostly has to vanish behind the barrel model. And then there are weird runaways in accuracy, where the shot goes also to the left quite extreme. In that picture examle...
  15. G

    Helicopter Controls

    While not demanding simulation standards, there has to be a reasonable balance between accessible arcade controls and on the other hand believable naturalness. I think the game achieves this balance for the most part. There are some issues though, I want adress here: (I only tried the advanced...
  16. G

    Type 56-1

    I'm wondering what other players thoughts are on the Type 56-1. While I think it's an interesting concept to reflect the shooting without a solid rest in the sholder - when the stock is folded - by making the iron sights misaligned. But practically that appeared kinda useless to me ingame...
  17. G

    So how good is Killing Floor 2 right now?

    Like I said numerous times before, the game engine of KF2 is more complex than its predecessor, no question about it. The problem is just that how this is utilized in terms of game design, is shallow and unimaginative. And about being „better balanced“... One of the main flaws of KF2 is...
  18. G

    Excuse me? stoner 63A does LESS damage than AR15? Seriously?

    No, I don't „concede“ at all. It's just a waste of time arguing with someone who believes he would win an argument by having the last word and ignoring anything he is being told and that was already discussed in this thread days ago.
  19. G

    Excuse me? stoner 63A does LESS damage than AR15? Seriously?

    People need to start to realize what an extremely little and light weight machinegun the Stoner 63 A is and get over their hollywood bias.