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    RS M1917 Enfield, m1903a3 rifles

    While RS has some nice content, it is still missing out alot of stuff. I made some threads about it in the past. Mainly the common Arisaka carbines are missing ATM. Altough many other stuff aswel The M1903A3 springfield for example. These are new WW2 era built rifles by Remington and Smith...
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    RS m1918 BAR unlock suggestions

    Today i picked up my first BAR wich had the lvl 25 unlock "Front pistol grip' An already powerfull weapon becoming even better to control just doesnt make sense to me. I havent found also a single example of BAR wich has such a front handgrip like the Thompson m1928A1 here is a better...
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    RS Rifle grenades..yes.rifle grenades

    While RO2 was difficult to include with riflegrenades, as only the germans used them, Rifle grenades should be perfectly possible with RS Why? because both sides used them extensivly. Rifle grenades could be included as a very limited class (AND I MEAN LIMITED as in 2 kits per 32 players!)...
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    Type 1 rifle, type 38 and type 44 carbines

    We have the type 38 rifle and Type 99 rifle. But the arisaka family was diverse The type 38 carbine was simply a shorter Type 38 rifle. With the diffrence being the rear sights, shorter length, less weight and heavier recoil The type 44 Cavarly rifle was in term diffrent as it has a needle...
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    RS M1903A1 magazine cutoff.

    Good day sirs. I have made this thread to suggest a non important, yet unique feature that hassent been used in any video game The M1903 springfield is The sexiest rifle in RS. Closely followed by the Type 38. Its my favorite rifle without a doubt. This rifle has, a feature wich most armies...
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    7.62x51mm Platzpatrone and mauser!

    Hey guys. I love blanks. i love firing blanks.Why? Medic's answer to every question in the universe. - YouTube A german militaria seller has 7.62x51mm NATO blanks for sale each month here at the militaria fair. These are german made, surplus non corrosive 7.62x51mm NATO blanks wich the casing...
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    Advise me for a proper battle rifle

    Hey guys my new sport shooting license is almost up and running! In a few weeks i take the exam and i am set for year 2013 with= -Steyr mannlicher M95 -K31 Schmidt rubin -Mosin nagant Dragoon -Swedish mauser -M1917 Enfield Next to this, a standard .22LR pistol. Probaly a hammerli However, in...
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    at the gunrange today :) American and german bias :)

    So i went to luxembourg today and met Ben aka GuinNess of FH2 First time on M1 garand - YouTube Colt 1911 at the range - YouTube Luger at the range - YouTube Also fired a SMLE but i forgot to film that... The SMLE shoots awesome The garands recoil is heavy..i will never ***** about garands...
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    Steyr Mannlicher problems

    Hi guys In a month or 3, my new license will be a-okay in wich i can go shooting back. I am gonna register several bolt action rifles this time= -A mosin nagant -lee enfield -Swedish mauser -K31 And my 2 beloved steyr mannlichers. I showed my long steyr before and a short one(Stutzen).(Both...
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    A histories bolt and gun against the zombies

    Let us all admit it we like bolt action rifles and semi auto pistols/revolvers from WW2 and before! but we also like zombies Imagine you are in a gunstore with nothing but bolt action rifles and pistols/revolvers from ANY nation before 1945! Suddently a zombie outbreak begins and you realize...
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    Cant acces controls/audio and other

    After a format i just reinstalled RO2 to start playing again(Thanks to new PC also) However, i just reinstalled Ro2. And some odd things have happend -In settings, i cant see audio, imput, controls and gameplay settings -Ingame, no weapons or anything appear on the spawn menu and kit selection...
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    To settle the M38 Carbine discussion once and for all

    The suggestion for the Mosin nagant M1938 carbine has been made several times and many times did people "Claimed" that the M1938 was made in low numbers and rare. So that it doesnt deserve a place in RO2 yet the same people suggest MG42... Now apart from that, Here are the production numbers...
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    SS and other Nazi names everywhere

    I have quite noticed many players with Nazi and SS enchancted names. Aswel as servers with these kinds of names. Like Arische kaempfer...a name wich says alot.. I have always been a person wich seperated wehrmacht from SS. Germans from nazi's. I always seperate politics from the common people...
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    Winter war=TF2 Style

    most TF2 voiceovers arent worth it but this one is The Winter War - Team Fortress 2 style - YouTube
  15. T


    Issent anyone else like me, missing something vital in this game Gun slings? or wherent they used by front line troops?
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    Hexa reciever for Mosin

    THe P38 has cosmetic Black handgrips A cool cosmetic upgrade for the mosin could be the hexagon reciever When the Russians decided to adopt the M91/30 version it changed 2 things from the previous Dragoon/cossack and long infantry version -New rear sights and front sight hood -New round...
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    Stats resetted?

    I just opened up RO2. I saw that numbers of people online= over 10 million! but when i went to play, all my stats are shown being resetted! How could this happen?
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    AT rifles=The use?

    Next to its epic sniping performance=i love sniping people with the PTRD, what else use does this have? Fighting tanks? Now i know that the 45mm armor of the T34 Simply richocheted these 14.5mm projectiles, but Panzers where vurnable to them for a long time. The side of a PZIV was never...
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    1 shot 2 kills?

    I dint knew this was possible in RO2. So i was at appartments, ran towards eastbridge with my trusty mosin, went inside the appartment to the right, turned to the left In the hallway= 2 germans crouching and closing in, i aimed and fired I hitted in the chest area of the first one and the...
  20. T


    Yes...Flareguns Both nations used them alot for there officers. The russian one, i forgot the name and the german Leuchtpistole 34 Would be nice for the squadleader. Green flares for friendly, Red for enemy...