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    Did they replace the bullets with blanks in this game. I had several incidents today where I'd be shooting at the person with my rifle, the person standing out in the open, my rifle rested and aimed at his chest, firing the whole time. I fired two whole clips at a guy with no results. Did I...
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    Getting Extremely Low FPS

    Got a new computer for Christmas and I've been getting way low fps on Red Orchestra. I'm playing the game on Medium settings and I'm getting about 14 fps. I'm wondering if their is a way to fix this, or if I should invest in a new graphic card for my computer. My old graphic card was a...
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    Saw a chicken wandering around, so we filmed it!
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    Rocket Test

    Me and my buddy made this, still learning how to use Sony Vegas.
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    The Bourne Experience

    Made by me, Enjoy it.
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    Purple Heart Lane Research

    After looking through numerous books and papers, I have finally finished conducting my research on this. Purple Heart Lane Lt. Col. Robert G. Cole from San Antonio, Texas and his 3rd Battalion. On the early morning hours of Saturday, June 10, 1944 began sending troops across the Douve in pitch...
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    The Forgotten Battalion

    3rd Battalion of the 506th.
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    SNL OC Spoof

    Funny video making fun of the OC season finale.
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    The Writing Thread

    Post any of your writings in here. Lieutenant Mitchell ordered me and a trooper from the 82nd as scouts. We distanced ourselves from the rest of the group at about 100 yards and started out for anywhere. We were lost, it was the morning of June 6 and the parachute drops had gone SNAFU on us...
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    Having Fun

    Hahahaha, just remembered one of the video's I had made before school started. It's a bit dark but you can see whats happening.
  11. L

    [NWS]Firework Factory Explodes. wow.
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  13. L

    Band of Brothers Real Facts.

    This shows what actaully happened and what didn't happen to Easy Company.
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    Donald Burgett at Noville
  15. L

    Seven Roads to Hell

    I'm wondering if anyone has read this book before. I'm taking this off some guy's review since I'm lazy to write one for it...
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    If anyone has played COD: UO, I remember playing the map Kursk and thought it was amazing, the Germans charging your trench and hand to hand combat going on, then Germans with flamethrowers start spraying the trenches with fire. I'd like to see something like that, I've always wanted to be...
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    Marching Songs.
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    Stalingrad:The Fated Clash. its pretty decent video.
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    Fixing Fall Damage

    I honestly think the fall damage is way to much. I fell two feet and died. When you jump off a roof of a house, you don't die, you hit the ground and live. The fall damage is way to much. Please fix.
  20. L

    Little Kids and Their Voices

    Played on one server today, and the game totally lost its atmosphere when a ten year old wielding a mic and a imaginition more powerful then Dr. Seuss starting talking and yelling "follow me comrades!" Picture Mickey Mouse saying that. He sounded like him. Any other stories with crazy lil...