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    claymores for pointmen?

    I was thinking about suggesting to replace the claymores in the pointman loadout with something more suitable for the assault role, like WP grenades for example. But maybe I'm just missing something about the claymores, so I want to discuss this first. How do you employ the claymores in the...
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    shot down helicopters statistics

    It would be nice to see the amount of shot down helicopters. So far there is only the achievement counter that goes up to 100. Would be nice to be able to see the stats past those 100.
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    freelook toggle

    I need a freelook toggle. At the moment it's only possible to have freelook always on or off, by a setting in the gameplay options. And that is bound to either the walk or prone key. The problem with that is for aiming helicopter weapons I need the mouse. When landing I need the freelook on the...
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    Victory conditions? Tie Breaker?

    Could someone please explain the exact victory donditions, because the tutorial video doesn't explain much and sometimes people are just surprized by an outcome that nobody on the server can explain. That's mostly when that „tie breaker“ occurs, but what exactly are the conditions for that...
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    Shotguns hit low left

    I'm not sure if this is working as intended or more worth a bug report. Shotguns generally hit very low. So low that the target mostly has to vanish behind the barrel model. And then there are weird runaways in accuracy, where the shot goes also to the left quite extreme. In that picture examle...
  6. G

    Helicopter Controls

    While not demanding simulation standards, there has to be a reasonable balance between accessible arcade controls and on the other hand believable naturalness. I think the game achieves this balance for the most part. There are some issues though, I want adress here: (I only tried the advanced...
  7. G

    Type 56-1

    I'm wondering what other players thoughts are on the Type 56-1. While I think it's an interesting concept to reflect the shooting without a solid rest in the sholder - when the stock is folded - by making the iron sights misaligned. But practically that appeared kinda useless to me ingame...
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    My account didn't receive the free emote it seems

    Edit: Found it. The emotes are equipped under "gear" but they dont show up in the inventory.
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    About albino crawlers... Gas Floor 2

    What I don't like about the albino crawler is that it is not a countermeasure for doorzerks. Zerks with their poison resistance and damage reduction can just sit in the cloud. Add a pocketmedic and the zerk can totally ignore the gas. On the other hand that gas really screws with solo holding...
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    New backspawn at Outpost (1041 WIP)

    This new spawn volume pretty much ruins the map to be played by two players (holding - not kiting) and it makes it just annoying on larger teams. I'm all for making the game not too easy and keep the pressure up but these kind of badger spawns are just a pain in the neck. Outpost is as popular...
  11. G

    About weapon sounds...

    I don't like the gunshot sound design overall. The sounds are synthetic and just over the top. TWI knows how to make good gunsounds. In RO2 there are some of the best sounds in gaming history. Now in KF2 they try to make the sounds bigger than life, super powerful but they are mostly so far...
  12. G

    How to edit new forum signature?

    I can't find where to edit the signature since the forum software got updated. Am I missing something or isn't that possible at this time?
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    v1038... how to make sharps even worse than before

    - The railgun became even more overpowered then it initially was. 6pHoE FP are decapped now in 2 hits even without Rack em Up bonus. - Railgun ammo is still dirt cheap with 25 dosh. This needs to become very expensive so that it needs to be funded by a team that actually wants SC/FP...
  14. G

    The sharps

    TWI why don't you just remove scrakes and fleshpounds from the game? On a 6pHoE a level 15 sharps with REU can 1-hit a scrake and 2-hit a fleshpound. And like that is not absurd enough you add lock-on aim assist on top of that. The highly anticipated E14/EBR... stuns SC/FP. Just spam, spam...
  15. G

    ammo disappearing from counter

    SCAR gets reloaded to 30 - weapon switch - counter drops to 29 Category: Code Reproducibility: Sometimes Description: 1) SCAR gets fully reloaded to 30 rounds 2) weapon gets switched (SCAR put away) 3) ammo in magazine is reduced to 29, within the weapon switch animation Online + Offline...
  16. G

    possible to set game length in command line?

    Is it possible to set a default game length? When the server gets restarted it goes back to the game length that was selected before the restart and written into the Kfgame.ini. Is it possible to override that with something in the command line? I would like to be able to get...
  17. G

    Sharpshooter skills revealed

  18. G

    v1027 crash at map loading

    Since the update to 1027 I can't start a map anymore.
  19. G

    Hammer & wrench symbol in the server browser?

    What does the hammer and wrench symbol in the server browser indicate?
  20. G

    Gunslinger wrong skill description

    The skill description