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  1. fiftyone

    Before I lay down my DOSH...(pre-order).

    Hi peeps, long time, no see. I've been Rifting for a while now, so when I heard that Tripwire were delving into VR (ages ago) I was more than interested (long time TW fanboyz, been around since wheneveritwas): I would like to know how will cross platform be managed once the game comes out of...
  2. fiftyone

    [Game] DayZ.

    The Game Is Live BIS Store and Steam. DayZ Early Access Launch Trailer - YouTube
  3. fiftyone

    [Game] The Last Of Us

    This has impressed me, don't know why...
  4. fiftyone

    Steam on teh mobile phone...

    I've installed it on my Android but I'm *ucked if I can get it working (gives a invalid Steam id/profile message). Some say it's not gone live or is in beta... Anyone know ? Looks good anyway.
  5. fiftyone

    [Crash] W7 64 (yes). XP 32 (No).

    The game crashed when I start the game using W7 64, when in the server browser ! The game works fine using my XP 32 drive. Simple as that. I will get back with more info later, if needed. Thanks...
  6. fiftyone

    [Movie] The Road

    Anybody seen this...YouTube - The Road - Official Trailer [HD]
  7. fiftyone

    [Movie] WanabeaZombie?...

    ...and win fame & fortune :D.
  8. fiftyone

    [Game] Carrier Comman Gaea Mission

    Am I the only one to have missed this... WMP link...
  9. fiftyone

    Gorden Freeman !

    Just stumbled across this...
  10. fiftyone

    "I am not a number - I am a free man!"

    If you are as old as I am you will remember this. There was nothing like it at the time on our TV screens... Thanks.
  11. fiftyone

    ROLeftforDead Group

    With tongue in cheek I have created a L4D Red Orchestra Group. Absolutely no idea how it works but I will sort that out later :D. I've been playing quite a few games recently and none have really captured my attention, except...L4D(Demo). So while we wait for Game 2 (two) and have nothing...
  12. fiftyone

    Roger Waters

    I could have thrown this in the music video thread but i reckon this guy needs a fine farewell...
  13. fiftyone

    The worlds gone mad, (I'm packing my bags and going home).

    I'm not one for starting threads but this just drives me nuts... Disgust, oops discuss...:cool:
  14. fiftyone

    Nvidia or ATI for games ?

    Ok, need a few unbiased opinions (if possible). Building a new computer. The one thing I am undecided about is about which way to go as far as the graphics card is concerned, not the model but whether I should go Nvidia or ATI ! I've one eye on a ATI x1900gt and the other on a Nvidia...
  15. fiftyone

    51s SDK ? box

    Hello, I' ve decided to give the RO sdk a go. I've read the RO tutorials and have done the "my first room thing" and it all seems to work as best I can get it to. Also checked out the UEd sites, Angel Mapper, 3dbuzz and a few others. Just to let you know that I have worked with Hammer/Source...
  16. fiftyone


    I live infrance so what do theese to*2 words meen on the servernews screen ? tweeksto & nextrelease i cannot find in it my Collins... 51 :D
  17. fiftyone

    wrong team chanel

    My voip has been working fine, more or less but now when I'm on the Russian team my voice indicator is blue, and red when I'm on the German side... The color is not the problem, any old color will do but I can no longer speak with my team!!! I can hear well enough whats going on but am unable to...