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    Anti tank class cant reaload C96 pistol

    Name of topic is quite true. Anti tank class cant reload C96 pistol. As level 3 german antitank i am able to shot with my C96 pistol but I am not able to reload it. Quite silly, because I see 6 magazines (hud). I saw it many times, but it seems that it is still same as it was. It kicked me to...

    [RO2/RS] Maps are too linear

    Listen I am not telling you to fix old stuff right now. I am just asking for more flexibility for future. Present maps are too linear. Everyone is running to hot spots like trained dogs. Sometimes it is only about who is there first. If you play it for weeks than it is OK. But after months of...

    Chain of command

    Hi everyone, I have little idea about chain of command. If war is going on, and if your commander died, than another leader must take his place. Example: - 5 minutes to end - your commander died - our reinforcements are done - enemy is exhausted too - we are holding last objectives Than...

    [How Do I?] My solution

    I had trouble with game: 1. launch - OK 2. browsing game menus, mission briefings - OK 3. Launching first map (tutorial) - Total crash Well I did some things, mentioned here, but without major succes. Short after nervous thinking about Tripwire, :D THE IDEA. What about update of old drivers? So...

    Bunker map please?

    I like underground instalations, will be there in future only bunker map? I mean only underground map. Scenario would be: 1. Opening bunker entrance by satchels or other kind of explosives. Entrance itself would be defended by general bunker defences like grenade hole on the roof, to throw...

    New tooltip

    I am occasionally victim of of grenade suicides near or inside of spawn points. There is one major reason for this - repick of free class. They also kill someone near them too, sometimes. WHAT ABOUT ADDING TOOLTIP TO INFORM THEM HOW TO USE CONSOLE COMMAND INSTEAD OF ...?:D

    Tank ammo info

    Will be there tank ammo info for everyone? For example if driver know that gunner have HE ammo inside barrel than he is not exposing tank too much to enemy tank. Or he is not going to direction of enemy tanks, because HE is low threat for tanks. Lot of times they shot us yes our tank shot first...

    Question about german campaign mark

    I saw it first time, it is not looking like german army insignia of WWII period. Some peoples will think that this mark is regular WWII german army sign or side sign. It is looking too new, it is so different, it is looking like picture created 50 years after war. Ok it is something like german...

    User friendly TANK alert

    Voice chat inside vehicles is not very handy. Not all messages are usable some of them are missing for describing all possible scenarios. One of important things inside tank is to alert gunner about position of enemy vehicle soon as possible. 1. I see tank there! If anyone in tank is watching...

    Simple idea for vehicles

    Lot of times, crew is killed by fragments and tank will stay intact, without smoke or flames. Possible scenarios. 1. tank is still moving forward after crew is dead 2. tank is still moving but dead driver body is pushing driving wheel to left or right, so tank is moving in circles. 3. tank will...

    More garbage

    I am sorry If I miss something more than others but I have some little to tell. Its about feeling, maps are great, huge, well textures, ... yes it is. But still it is too clean for me. There should be more kind of debries, not only from buildings or vehicles. Something like: - helmets - ammo...

    bayonet hint

    In short IF: 1. you are running 2. you are holding bayonet atack key 3. and than suddenly if enemy is coming from near door in front of you and you crash with him 4. you pike him like with pike If you pike him: 1. you stop holding bayonet key - reset, need to push it again to make it ready If...

    10 second rule

    In short: if you die inside cap zone and if your team take it in next 10 seconds (after you die there) than you take full score for that as team members which cap it. Reason: Lot of times I hold positions, and than suddenly grenade hit me, than team cap it and I got nothing ... Other...

    Tank sounds - pronto

    OMG pls, make tank sounds more loud! Is it so hardcore to do that? Today one T-34 got me from back ... so silently .... It should be 200 - 300% more loud like its is now. Thank you ... :IS2:

    dual artyllery targeting

    In short: 1. keep artyllery targeting by binoculars 2. allow us also to arty area by clicking it on map too, so you dont need to do it by step one.

    new grenade function

    When you are near doors and you use secondary grenade function (there should be icon that alert you): 1. step - you open the door for a little, covered by wall 2. step - you ready grenade 3. step - you throw it behind door 4. step - you close the door 5. step - boom Also there should be another...

    HE vs Armored cars

    HE ammo should be stronger vs armored cars. Suggestions: 1. allow HE to shatter crew inside for some seconds - blur view - make them blind, shake screen 2. make higher chance to flip armored car to one side if you shot it from side so you imobile it. 3. higher calibre (more than 50mm) of HE...

    Tank Tutorial

    There will be tutorial for RO 2 and there is one important thing that should be here also. Its short tutorial about tanks, which one is strong enough to fight another tank. For example panzer III is not big threat for KV or T 34, reason is lower firepower and poor armor. And why I am telling...

    Map understanding

    There is big problem for some peoples to understand map goals. Lot of players are attacking enemy while they must defend objective or else. You cant attack enemy if map is not suitable for that or else. My suggestion is simple, show to player short and clear message, after he/she is ready to...

    Tank spawns

    There is still lot of retards which run to moving friendly tank to die. For example hedgehog map, as axis I started engine and got 3 of them killed, 2 was killed by back of tank and 1 in front of tank. Of course they dont know what np is. This is common, not only for hedgehog map. May I...