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  1. J

    Armored Beasts Mutator?

    Are there any RO tank servers still playing the Armored Beasts Mutator? Just curious.
  2. J

    Saving BSP Brushes?

    I can only reopen my very last BSP brush save. Moreover I had saved about 10 BSP brush shapes for various common structures\shapes I use, but none of them seem to reopen except the very last BSP brush I saved. Is this just me? Or does the SDK really only let you save one BSP brush at a time...
  3. J

    How to Contact Tom "Moz" Hall?

    Does anyone by chance know Tom "Moz" Hall? He's done several custom RO level designs to include Black July and April SHowers. I was hoping to contact him to ask him a few questions about some of the unique things he has done with this level designs. Thanks a bunch for any help. J.D.
  4. J

    Static Mesh Culling?

    Letz say I set a static mesh wall to cull at whatever distance -- 4096UUs or whatever. ANd I know I should be checking every vantage point to make sure that this can't occur during game play, but lets say -- just for the sake of disscussion -- that a Player actually has a direct line of sight...
  5. J

    Tutorial on Rain\Snow Emitters?

    I keep have issues with rain or snow actors I attempt to create on maps. When testing the level, the rain\snow will often not be pouring down at the start of the game, but than will start randomly 2 or 3 or 5 minutes into the practice session. Or sometimes the rain or snow does not start at...
  6. J

    "Historical'ness" & Revenge of the Uber-Tank Scenarios, Part XII

    Mikhail Bartyatinskiy has been writing books about Russian Tanks for a number of years now. Most of these have been written in Russian and tend to be a bit more difficult for the average arm-chair military historian to get their hands on. However, he has recently started a series of booklets on...
  7. J

    Map Win - Loss Ratio

    Folks are obssessed with the personal stats, medals, etc. stuff recently added to RO. All good fun. I'm wondering if something similar exists for map win and loss ratio. Something as simple as Germans won X number of times, and Russians won Y number of times. I think this would be very...
  8. J

    EH-M43 Mod Mismatch error?

    I have been getting a new error message when trying to enter a couple of severs that do larger tank maps. "EH-M43 Mod Mismatch". It seems to be only some servers where I get this error. I did a quick forum search for this error but couldn't find anything. Anyone have any thoughts on what I...
  9. J

    Making the toast darker...textures and antiportals

    Jake Johansen used to do this comedy routine in which he was talking about the light to dark knob on your toaster and how it really isn’t hooked to anything. You can set it to light or dark but the toast will come out the same level of toastyness regardless of where you set the knob. You had to...
  10. J

    Great little Wiki on Architecture of Normandy

    Wikipedia Page -- a number of good pictures and some food for thought. Jeff Town halls in Calvados
  11. J

    Water: Fluid Surface; or Static Mesh; or BSP?

    Sorry -- I don't mean to drown y'all with yet another question about fluids. Pick your poison, or Different strokes for different folks. I have noticed that different level designers will use different formats for their water surfaces. Some folks use fluid surfaces -- makes sense to me. But...
  12. J

    Don't wear a striped shirt on TV

    [SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]I have been looking at several very nicely done farm field\furrow textures. They seem like they would be really kewl to use for levels with farmland settings. However, when actually playing the level the furrow textures do this sort of weird glittery dance
  13. J

    Shameless Plug for Mare Nostrum

    Sorry -- I've only been playing RO for maybe the last 7 or 8 months now and haven't really checked out any of the RO-Mod spin offs. I actually downloaded the Mare Nostrum Mod last night and played online for the first time. Excellent work!! I loved the level lighting and sky textures on some...
  14. J

    Running the SDK Editor Offline -- WTF???

    Ok, this has been asked before here to include me asking about it. But I have never been able to run the SDK Editor offline; nor have I read any sort of answer on how to go about doing this. If I am offline the SDK will ask if I want to run the thing offline and I click yes -- but than nothing...
  15. J

    RO Maps\Levels Constructed by "-*C*K*-#1 Wombel"?

    Hi All: I am looking for maps\levels constructed by a "-*C*K*-#1 Wombel". He is apparently a web administrator for a couple of RO server's with the prefix "-*C*K*". This is perhaps obscure -- but I already asked this question in the level design section of the forum. I figured if anyone knew...
  16. J

    -*C*K*-#1 Wombel Maps?

    Hi All: This is perhaps obscure -- but I already asked BartBear and Shurek and they didnt know of this work. I am looking for maps\levels constructed by a "-*C*K*-#1 Wombel". He is apparently a web administrator for a couple of RO server's with the prefix "-*C*K*". I suppose he could have...
  17. J

    New Version of Maslova 1943

    I have been fiddeling with SDK again. I put togeather what I hope is a more server efficient version of my Maslova_1943 tank map. Version D. In addition, I have added entrenchments at two of the objective areas. This had been my intent originally as the scenario was supposed to be based...
  18. J

    Steel Beasts-2 & 7GTK Server

    Sunday morning, I decided to give the Steel Beats-"2" mutator being played on the 7GTK Server another try out. This is the server that was running the extremely horrible Steel Beasts-1 mutator last weekend in which German projectile penetration capability (or Russian Armor thickness values) were...
  19. J

    Armor Beasts Read out Mod on -*C*K*#3

    There was an interesting mod being played on the -*C*K*#3 (Only Tanks) Server yesterday. They use Amizaur’s excellent Armored Beasts mutator for tank maps -- good choice :D. They also have great taste in tank maps as they were playing Maslova :D – albeit an uber heavy tanks version. Battle of...