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  1. s5yn3t

    Dual 9mm no longer works with Swat's Tactical Movement

    As tittle suggests, when swat runs with dual 9mm's, tactical movement does not apply to them. So for now you're stuck there moving slowly when crouching or ads'ing.
  2. s5yn3t

    [Winter beta 1] Elysium map bugs

    1: BugItGo -1610.4749 16259.8232 133.5294 -7211 32473 139 There is a large bump in this area that works as an invisible wall, even zeds don't know how to deal with it, so they just keep moving very slowly grinding that bump 2: BugItGo 22083.3945 -114456.4219 5860.7671 63617 -47246 0 Zed...
  3. s5yn3t

    Inventory system is still broken ( Featuring a broken indicator )

    So as the updated rolled out, it added a item server connectivity indicator to see if we still have connection to the item server or not when inventory suddenly dies. As you can see the indicator shows that connection is there, but items both in inventory and store are nowhere to be seen...
  4. s5yn3t

    Swat Battering Ram does not knock down zeds when they are blocking their head.

    I was debating over where to put this thread, into ideas & suggestions or bug report... decided to post here. Swat's battering ram skill does NOT knockdown zeds when they do their head blocking action, such as scrakes. gorefiends, gorefasts, bloats, fleshpounds. They will still take damage from...
  5. s5yn3t

    [V1103 beta1] Biolapse zed stuck in the elevator shaft

    BugItGo -26708.7715 31232.7402 1124.5667 15677 -44409 0 Last zed got stuck in the elevator shaft ( up ) sorry, don't have the screenshot... as i used the wrong console. The zed is stuck similarly to the zed that gets stuck in hellmark station in the dark room spawn, as in going back and forth.
  6. s5yn3t

    [V1103 Beta1] Hellmark Station bugs

    1. Invisible curb sticking out in the middle of the ground 2. 2 spawn points where last zed gets stuck Sorry couldn't record this spot, as at that time i played with toaster ini settings. The dark spawn room is in this area where that...
  7. s5yn3t

    Incision lock-on sound needs to be removed when not scoped in.

    Quality of life change. As title suggests, Incision makes the lock on sound like any other medic weapon when not scoped in, which isn't a problem for other guns.... But incision has no lock-on enabled while hip firing, which confuses a lot of un-initiated players because they thing that they...
  8. s5yn3t

    PSA: Killing Floor 2 not launching due to Avast flagging one .dll file as false positive

    After latest Avast update, it flags GFSDK_SSAO.win64.dll file as a malware. (confirmed with 2 other people that use Avast) And since it puts the file into a virus chest, the game will not launch. If you're avast user and you tried to launch the game today and it didn't launch, check the virus...
  9. s5yn3t

    C4 kamikaze bug

    Bug report by PRICEless Steps to reproduce the C4 kamikaze bug: 1. Plant/Throw C4 2. Detonate 3. Mid detonation animation, cancel it by switching to another weapon 4. Switch back to C4 5. Trigger animation will play out automatically even if there is no C4 thrown/planted 6. Throw a C4 and it...
  10. s5yn3t

    Even more misaligned sights

    G18 and Winchester are just slightly lower than the center Kriss on idle ads drops its red dot to lower left
  11. s5yn3t

    [Audio] Patriarch boss intro voice lines broke... again.

    3 years ago this issue was fixed, where patriarch would say other lines than "im back and i have some new tricks" But for some reason that fix broke and now he always says the same new tricks line in the intro over and over again, without ever using other existing lines... like this one for example
  12. s5yn3t

    [Game Crash] Squad Invite menu causes crash

    Game will bugsplat if you try to form a squad again after leaving the server. Reproducible: 100% -On fresh launch, invite people into your squad. -Go to a server. -Maybe play for a bit if you feeling like playing. -Leave the server. -Press on a squad menu to invite people into your squad. ...
  13. s5yn3t

    Helios misaligned sight

  14. s5yn3t

    Blunderbuss: No cannonball after firing ALT fire in zed time

    (sadly i can't record this live because of the pc) Blunderbuss cannon ball will not spawn after firing alt fire, but it will count as a fired shot and will consume 1 round. How to reproduce: 1. Wait for a Zed Time 2. Fire the alt fire 3. After firing the alt fire, spam m1 while the weapon...
  15. s5yn3t

    [EOS Beta] Cannot connect to any server [fix for now at the top]

    Right now as i was in a squad of 3, i couldn't connect to any server. In server browser: Pressed "join", nothing happens. (it's like pressing on a blank button) Tried for a weekly and survival servers, nothing. Matchmaking: it writes "Unable to find match", even if there are servers available...
  16. s5yn3t

    Steam Fortress Survival "Stand your ground" Lockheart's voice lines not playing.

    VO doesn't play when SYG obj activates, and when you completed it, partially completed it or didn't defend at all.
  17. s5yn3t

    Santa's workshop Christmas Siren's head stretches like a Taffy

    Tested online on different servers, 100% reproducible and is seen by everyone in the server. How to reproduce: Kill a siren with an explosive weapon (hx25, kaboomstick, blunder etc.)
  18. s5yn3t

    A Full blown russian character

    Ik the new characters don't sell so hot, but could we still have a new character everyone once in a while? My suggestion would be for a Russian mercenary that got lost in the Europe during his mercenary contract. As in: had a mercenary squad that was sent into the europe during the zed...
  19. s5yn3t

    Battering ram small buff, and Battering ram for Patriarch

    A small suggestion for SWAT's battering ram, is to give it an additional second of being active when the zed time ended. It's quite often when you're rushing towards a zed to knock it out, but at the last moment zed time ends and you end up hitting a brick wall. Giving it additional second could...