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  1. hipnox

    Female Fleshpound project: needs a team

    On behalf of everyone who supported this project, i'm trying to gather a group of people with KF modding knowledge who are interested in putting this female fleshpound specimen into the game. Concept art 3D model (Original Female Fleshpound thread here...
  2. hipnox

    number of textures/materials per model?

    I'm having a hard time cramming all my UVs in 1 image. Is it possible to divide the material into more than one? And while we are at it, what's the maximum texture res for a KF specimen?
  3. hipnox

    Blender PSK,PSA Export/Import

    I'm having a ton of trouble importing and exporting killing floor meshes in and out of blender. all models i try to export get completely obliterated once imported into UnrealEd, if i even manage to get them exported at all. Even if i import a model and immediately export it without even...
  4. hipnox

    GAMEMODE - Continuous Wave

    Hey guys, apologies in advance if it has been brought up before. I was thinking of a game mode (or difficulty) that revolves around a having no down time in between waves, timed waves and no maximum/minimum number of zeds per wave, meaning, the trader opens up while there are still zeds running...
  5. hipnox

    Does KF support normal/bump/displacement maps?

    That. Does KF support any form of light altering map? I'm interested in texturing some props and i need to know if i can go for a low poly model with normals instead of a higher polygon and fake lighting on the diffuse texture.
  6. hipnox

    Remove trader location marker in Suc/HoE during round?

    (apologize in advance if this has been mentioned before) What if we disable the Trader Location indicator arrow for the duration of each match in Suicidal / HoE? The Trader's location remains hidden until the wave ends, when it's reveal until the beggining of the next one. This has a few...
  7. hipnox

    New weapons are not 'sidegrades'

    I've seen the term thrown around as a way of dismissing the supposed impact of newly added weapons. Like, the FAL. Both in stat's and functionalities, its pretty close to the SCAR. You might be saying to yourself : "but if it looks like a SCAR, has the pretty much the same atributes as the...
  8. hipnox

    If Killing Floor where a flash game...

    I'd play it...
  9. hipnox

    So, we have new weapons but..

    nothing new to shoot at. Technically the game got easier. We got new toys but the Zeds got nothing new. no upgrades and no new zeds. I think the game could use either a re balancing, or a new Zed to make up for the additional firepower given to the players. personally i would like to see the...
  10. hipnox

    Patty waves should change with the difficulty

    Hello, I always found it a bit weird that the number Patriarch waves and their composition are the same for all difficulties. Wouldn't it be more interesting to have more waves with more/bigger Zeds the harder the difficulty? (this also changes the ammount of times the Patty heals himself)...
  11. hipnox

    Firebug myths and facts?

    Hello, Even though i play Firebug a lot (and have the perk at lvl6) there are still a few things i don't really know about the perk. Mostly this is due to misinformation and contradiction between the wiki, the forum and in-game conversations. Here's some facts about the FB that i'm not...
  12. hipnox

    Great weapons TWI but....

    please don't turn this game into another TF2. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for new guns. I like all the new ones and don't think they'll hurt the game in anyway. On the contrary, they add more variety, which is a good thing. These weapons don't seem out of place and even the husk cannon feels...
  13. hipnox

    Blender Sharing Thread

  14. hipnox

    Stupid weapon idea : Taser + 9mm for medic

    would make for a interesting mod imo... ..idk...:o The taser would be bought as you would normaly buy the dual 9mm. left handed weapon is the Taser and right handed weapon is the 9mm. This obviously disables the posibility of picking up a second 9mm Primary fire is the 9mm and secondary fire...
  15. hipnox

    Female FleshPound

    I decided to take a shot at a female Fleshpound fan art [/spoiler] Work in progress 3D model
  16. hipnox

    New Weapon model - Help!

    Hello community i was trying to take a crack at making a new model for a KF weapon. So i made this .. thing.. i followed the instructions in this thread as much as i could: and this thread...