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    Servers running Pariserplatz_Final

    I've fixed the zombie bug that was affecting some players. Can you download the fix files & install them, thanks. Thanks to Grim & the =db= server for helping us with testing it the fix is available here: Put all the .u files into...
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    Heer & WSS Snow Camo Add-On & Sampler Map *RELEASED*

    Here's the next two Add-ons for RO:O Winter Waffen SS Winter Heer Updated with zombie bug fix & smaller file sizes: SS skin pack: Heer skin pack: also redone FJ pack FJ skin...
  3. F

    Fallschirmjager Add-On & sampler map

    Here's an early Xmas pressent for the RO mapping community: Updated with zombie bug fix & smaller file sizes: FJ skin pack here: also redone the SS & Heer winter packs: SS skin pack: Heer...
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    Deutsche Soldaten

    Heres a few skins I've done. All constructive criticisms welcome. :)
  5. F

    Coder needed

    Hi I'm a skinner & I've done a series of camo skins for the German soldier models, but I need help to get them in game. so I thought I'd ask here if there's any coders out there who could spare some time to make a mutator to use my new skins. as I've done quite a few variations &...
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    Dropping Weapon

    Just a thought, but when you get your weapon shot out of your hand, you drop all your ammo as well. Surely ammo would be kept in pouches not in your hands - if your weapon gets shot out of your hand you wouldn't drop the ammo as well. besides being more realistic not to drop ammo,its such a pain...