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  1. Adenru


    Now every door can be broken regardless if someone wields it or now, is there any point of using this mechanic for anything at all but temporary locking big zeds and players? Support has skill for wielding which seems useless to me. To make matters worse I can't even tell when iron door is...
  2. Adenru

    Changing weapon while crouched

    You can't do it. I'm holding control for this, btw.
  3. Adenru

    [Error] Red screen

    1. Go to forbidden zone 2. Bondage yourself while your teammates capture objective and move forbidden zone away from you. 3. Enjoy red screen until the end of your life.
  4. Adenru

    RO2 Bridges of Druzhina cannot deploy here

    I've found a very useful position for MG but the mystic force of forgotten script prevented me from deploying at these two windows.
  5. Adenru

    Why restricting rifleman roles?

    Have you noticed on custom maps including those who are now in MCP there are far less rifleman roles available than on offical. I just wonder why mappers restrict them to lower number, I even remember having to pick one of four anti-tank roles (last one) on te-myshkovariver and there wasn't even...
  6. Adenru

    RO2 Team wounding with arty after switching

    I connected to the server, chose SL, spawned, put oviously the best artillery mark, got teamkilled and was autobalanced to another team just before arty started and here we go - negative teampoints and possible kick for team damage :mad:
  7. Adenru

    Unhatched tank spawning. I hate it.

    When I first saw this in description of patch, I thought that spawning as commander in tank is fine and would make sense if we had tank invitation system implemented, I'd rather spawn as driver, but it's only minor annoyance. But I don't understand why unhatched? Does it help me somehow? Now I...
  8. Adenru

    RS Invisible walls

    Console shooter cliche came to RO although I know there were plenty of them in RO2, but they weren't that obvious. Why am I not able to climb bunker roofs and rocks on RSTE-IwoJima when clearly any human being would be able to do it? So many sniper/machine gunner spots blocked by invisible walls...
  9. Adenru

    RS Trench gun zoom scale

    From what I see now game threats trench gun as a rifle since full zoom is applied when aiming down sights. I customized zoom for smg to be much less because they are mainly used for cqc. Shotgun is cqc weapon too, why would I need such zoom for it? It puts to great disadvantage where it primary...
  10. Adenru

    RS Countdown booby traps

    I wasn't able to check if booby traps stay after round end, but the trap counter still shows them for some reason. And when you take over bot you cast very funny shadow.
  11. Adenru

    Extreme main menu background brightness

    I pre-download RS and it's now merged with RO2, when I start the game main menu looks like as if there is atomic bombing on the background.
  12. Adenru

    [Error] Dropped weapon positioning

    This is something that bothered me right from the launch of RO2 and I thought that's just interface bug like lots of bugs here. Sometimes you see notification you can pick up weapon from the ground but if you hit action nothing happens. The problem is weapon's model moves according to physics...
  13. Adenru

    [Error] Objective blown before active

    If you blow up objective before it becomes availible for capturing it can no longer be captured. Iwo Jima.
  14. Adenru

    Bolt Action Sunday 5.05.2013

  15. Adenru

    Bolt Action event

    As you might know or might not know there is an unrightfully non-whitelisted mutator which allows playing bolt action only RO2. We've just finished playing bolts only event and I must say during event I got more adrenaline pumped than fleshpound in rage although we only had 12 people on each...
  16. Adenru

    Equate tank teamkills to artillery

    You usit in that can having very little information about outside world, teammates constantly trying to backstop you by bravely proning in front of your tank, they instantly obscure you hull MG with thier wide backs whenever you want to use it, if something goes wrong your HE does not explodes...
  17. Adenru

    EVENT: classic cauntdown on custom maps

    list of CD maps I've found on this forum: Bridges of Druzhina Coldsteel Stalingradkessel -...
  18. Adenru

    dynamically changing iron sight zoom

    I already turned off zoom for smgs but with rifles it's more complex than that, I want to have zoom on large distances and no zoom in buildings so I decided to make manual switch for rifle zoom Bindings=(Name="NumPadTwo",Command="IronSightZoomScaleRifle=0.000000")...
  19. Adenru

    [Mutator suggestion]Bolt-action rifles for squad leaders

    Large share of semi- and full auto weapons was one of the main complains about RO2, even now on full 64 player servers anly half has bolt-action. I thought such mutator would be the first one to come since it does not look very comlex, or is there something I do not know?
  20. Adenru

    Remove objective distance from marker.

    I found myself using this to adjust my sights instead of using common cense, environment and sight features, that feels like cheating, especiallly if you are in a tank and on Gumrak. Right now it may not feel a big problem but if bigger map will be introduced. Maybe instead of exact distance we...