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    Ati 11.8 cap5 Has anyone tried it yet? Released today/tomorrow, but it's out on guru3d In the notes it says nothing about RO2, but the notes also seem to be the same as CAP4, leading me to believe they havent...
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    Recon Plane

    I realize that this should probably be in the bug section, but has anyone else noticed the Recon Planes to moving anymore after the 9/21 patch? They just kinda seem to hang in mid air. Just wondering if this is just me..
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    [Error] Forcing AA and AF messes with the Menus

    I read in a thread earlier that forcing AA and AF on your gpu increased fps, so I did... And it did affect my fps a bit, keeping it more stable But then I noticed that forcing AA and AF also had an effect on the menus. I can now not see any other menu than the Video options, and In-Game I...
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    Possible Stuttering Fix!

    I recently posted about my game stuttering sometimes when I'd turn corners or if there would be many new objects appearing on the screen. Shortly after I got a private message by a guy named Makino (I think), who suggested that I turn off Hyper Threading of my i7 950 (4 cores, 8 cores with...
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    Regarding the Beta release date

    For all of those who continiously keep asking for a release date of the DDE beta, I have found the Steam group that the Family and Friends beta testers use to communicate, exchange information, etc. The Steam group can be found Here From this page we can see some obvious things, such as...