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  1. s5yn3t

    Killing Floor 2 - Potential Weapons For The Future (Your Input Requested)!

    SR3-MP Swat Has armor piercing bullets (because sp-6 9x39), so it could shred rioters and other armored enemies easier (that includes zeds that block their heads with their metal weapon). Otherwise its a fairly normal AR in a size of an SMG (also swat because commando has too many toys to play...
  2. s5yn3t

    KF2 DLC weapon skin issues.

    It's not dead. Just overloaded.... They did add extra workforce recently to the support team, that is going through massive backlog of support tickets. Have you tried to just unequip the current skins on those weapons? It should revert itself to a default skin that way
  3. s5yn3t

    other platform player
  4. s5yn3t

    Not fixed bug with textures for 2020

    huh i usually had issues with missing textures when you launch the game with "join game" option from friends list. game doesn't have enough time to pre load everything, when it's connecting straight to a server once the game launches into full screen (whatever pre load it does on launch during...
  5. s5yn3t

    Server Browser Showing Players in a Server when There Are None

    It's just a bug that got introduced when kf2 was released into epic games store, with the transition into EOS api. Devs know about it, and still trying to fix it..... just that fixing taking too long.
  6. s5yn3t

    Custom Gamemodes crash game due to KFEngine.ini MaxObjectsNotConsideredByGC

    a price to pay to play a modded game ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. s5yn3t

    Custom Gamemodes crash game due to KFEngine.ini MaxObjectsNotConsideredByGC

    Stock game. no mods, no custom maps... pure vanilla experience.
  8. s5yn3t

    Custom Gamemodes crash game due to KFEngine.ini MaxObjectsNotConsideredByGC

    In my experience, it does affect stock game. Made my friends apply the GC fix and they're no longer crashing during map switch.
  9. s5yn3t

    Web GUI | What does this latest update mean for me?

    Except the small caveat that remains TBD, is the "No Local Admin" being turned on by default (which currently is in beta build). Sure we will be able to kick and ban again, that is if there will be anyone to kick or ban since that option will hide server that have web admin enabled. Moreover...
  10. s5yn3t

    Kicking and Banning Concerns

    i mean if you were playing at that moment in a server, you could have just opened the console and kicked the pillock that way ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. s5yn3t

    Kicking and Banning Concerns

    either this weekend, or next week.
  12. s5yn3t

    Web GUI | What does this latest update mean for me?

    If the filter option ends up being enabled by default, and the amount of server being showed in server browser dramatically decrease.... it would be nice to have admin tools included in the game itself, if the owner or the person assigned as an admin joins the game. As in the person could log...
  13. s5yn3t

    Kicking and Banning Concerns

    Web admin functionality is being restored back in the upcoming update...
  14. s5yn3t

    Smaller crosshair in KF2?

    Why are you in a graveyard yourself?
  15. s5yn3t

    PC in-game Voice Chat Investigation

    Maybe also provide a video like i did, to see if the VC acts the same or differently
  16. s5yn3t

    Kicking and Banning Concerns

    ^ that is actually what i'd like to see or have admin options embedded into the lobby/squad list (you know where you press on a person to check his profile, mute, vote kick), with admin login you would have extra options available, such as kicking immediately, session banning or just straight up...
  17. s5yn3t

    Merc Report - Dystopia and Back Again

    ngl, i haven't paid attention to it since 2016 (i barely paid attention in kf1 even lol)
  18. s5yn3t

    "SmartScreen can’t be reached right now"

    by "My internet connection is fine."... does that mean a wired connection, or a wifi connection?
  19. s5yn3t

    [GameBreaking] OBJ Nuked: Drone is no longer repairable and welder is no longer recharging

    After further investigation: Welder no longer recharging: Fixed? Maybe? (i could no longer reproduce it, but i suspect its not entirely fixed if some users on discord and here now report that drone flies up, which i suspect is tied to welder not recharging as well) Drone's repair hitbox...
  20. s5yn3t

    [GameBreaking] OBJ Nuked: Drone is no longer repairable and welder is no longer recharging

    From design perspective, it makes no sense for the drone to be fixed only if you weld a specific spot of it.... When not only when you're swarmed by zeds with increased spawnrate, but it is also never communicated to the player that drone can only be repaired if you weld it in a specific spot...