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    HELP WANTED. Competative salary. Great benefits. Apply inside!

    Okay. So Im not a mega-corporation looking for ubertalented software engineers. But I am someone with not a lot of time on his hands that is willing to pay $ for a personal Uscript/RO tutor. Ive been doing the tutorial/board thing for about 6 months and it just takes me too long to sift...
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    Is it possible to extend ROPawn without creating a new gametype??

    Ive been having trouble getting my extended ROPawn class (MyROPawn) into the game. Other post on the net seem to say that you cannot get a extended xPawn class into a game via a mutator and that you must use gametype. From your experience is this true? I only have one function that I want to...
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    OK, this is just plain silly (CheckReplacement)

    Is this or is the not the proper implementation of "CheckReplacement"? function bool CheckReplacement( Actor Other, out byte bSuperRelevant ) { if(Other.IsA('ROPawn')) { ReplaceWith(Other,"ROPawn"); return false; } return true; } Yes, im...
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    All my mutators have vanished from the menu.

    Even my "HelloWorld" mutator wont show up. It doesnt appear to me that any of my files are missing. -common\red orchestra\System -> "MutHelloWorld.ucl" / ".u" / ".int" -common\red orchestra\MutHellowWorld\Classes -> "HelloWorld.uc" -red orchestra.ini -> "EditPackages=MutHelloWorld"...
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    Hopeless. Will work for advice. *Holds out empty tin can*

    OK Here's where I am: Got WOTgreal up and running:.... Check Located the relevent code:...... Check Edited code to my satisfaction:. Check Write a mutator file to include/reference the changes:.. !Check I feel like a dunce. I have read every single Mutator tutorial I can find and they only...
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    Ridiculously simple yet effective TK deterrent.

    The system would work on this wise. -First ~2 TKs to a single player: standard action. -Any further TKs to the same player would cause the killer to be killed and the other player to receive no damage. -After (server set)# of TKs the Killer would be kicked like normal. Thats it. Simple huh...
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    Where do you find function definitions??

    I can find the declaration but cant find how they work (definition). e.g. FMax() is used all over the place. It take two floats as arguments and returns a float. I assumed of I just kept backing up through the inheritance hierarchy I would everntually find the code that lays out what FMax()...
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    Ever tried letting the tank bot command????

    IMO, bots are horrible drivers but fabulous point-and-clickers (gunners). They can sever compensate well for range, find targets quickly and even seem to take on the tanks that are the greatest threat (ie. notice you). Ive tried it a number of times and it has nearly always worked fabulously...
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    Where's the best place to ask "stupid" Uscript questions?

    The RO ostfront community is still rather new and Id hate to burden the few here with my incessant nagging. Are there some other good Uscript coding forums that I might troll for an answer or three. Thank you.
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    Should I risk it and DL the SDK again??

    Ive tried the "rename" fix and it doesnt work for me. Either im doing somethign wrong or my situation is different. Just to clairify, if I DL the SDK again i should: -download the SDK normally -extract the files -renamed the "red orchestra" folder -restart RO Suposedly this will end up with...
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    ucc make???

    Dont shoot me for being ignorant. All the uscript tuts i can find tell me to complie with "ucc make" But I cant find it. It would really be nice if there was a short reference for RO that included how to get what RO needs where it needs it to run a mod.
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    Cant a tank pivot by running tracts in opposite directions??

    It seems like it should be able to. This would be a ludicrously simple yet FANTASTIC addition to RO tanking. In addition to making driving easier drivers and commanders.
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    Balance issue: Can one truely reload a panzerfaust in 1.6 seconds?

    Since folks are complaining that the panzerfaust is too powerful as it is, it seemed funny to me that it had such a lightning quick reaload time.
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    It's been a long road...

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that trolls the support forums. Because of your knowledgable assistance I can finally state that the game is back up and running to pre-patch/SDK/whateverthehellelse standards!!! This was no small feat mind you. Consider: -Reboot on startup -BSOD on...
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    RedOrchestra.ini file is not loading. Restarted, rebooted & reinstalled. Nothing!

    RedOrchestra.ini file is not loading. Restarted, rebooted & reinstalled. Nothing! Not that I havent had a plethora of other issues but this is just crazy. I cant get any changes I make in "RedOrchestra.ini" to stick. Ive restared steam, dumped my prefetch, and even rebooted but I cant get...
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    This wont spur many replies but please add audio cues to VOIP channels

    The way it is now you cannot auditoraly(sp?, wd??) differentiate between global, team and local VOIP. If I yell, "grenade" in a local channel, no one moves because they (justly) assume that its a team chat and not directed at them. IMHO, team chat shoudl be done away with, but that will never...
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    I cant find any help with mutators and the .gcf files

    I totally must be blind, but Ive looked all over the net and these forums and cant find a thing that addresses the steam file format and how that impacts mutator/gametype creation. Is there somthing that bridges UnReal tutorials and RO file format.
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    Is there a mutator/gametype tutorial?? that deals with the new .cgf file format and steam that is.
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    Can we get a variable bots filter PLEEEEEASE

    Or maybe someone can mutate one. Just somethign where a user can state not to show servers with "more than [x] bots." As we all know, the "no bots" filter eliminates too many good servers that might have a quite a number of players but still one or two bots.