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    Weight slows down player

    can anyone do a mutator for this? thx
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    [request] Door's permadamage + norespawn

    A mutator to allow doors to take permanent damage and to dont respawn after each wave, by doors damage i mean the integrity of the door itself, not the weld, just leave the weld as is. (like if the door had a healthbar) Would be cool if the weld broke and the doors just poped open instead of...
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    Alternative A.I behavior

    Think about the current gameplay, KF uses the most basic artificial inteligence possible, since the enemies are very limited the gameplay goes along with it. This also dictates the maps design, since they always know exactly where the player is and and goes straight to them using the shortest...
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    Commando - Realism Mod

    Realism based perkless mod, changes: Weapon damage, accuracy, capacity, recoil, price, fov, specimens health, speed, and some characteristics, real life data, along with custom sandbox config. YouTube - KF: Walkthrough Foundry (3/4) part 1 of 4 sample videos, ak47 using 75rd drum mag, twice...
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    Request: No weapon spawns

    I did not find a mutator that does it yet... About the random weapons and ammo that spawn on the maps according to difficulty chosen, i just wanted a mutator that disabled weapon and ammo spawns on the map, thats all.
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    Modifying the Doors

    I dont know if its possible at all, but here are some thoughts. You can Weld doors forever, while it takes infinite damage, and even if it collapses it respawns again at the end of wave... I wish it had a limit somewhere, to either be welded or total damage limit, this would allow mappers to...
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    Mac10 class file?

    What is the name? theres no files for the mac10 on kfmod folder, its strange.
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    Modifying Perks

    There are some basic changes i need to make to my realism mod to work like it should, by allowing the perks to only affect the human side performance. For example, every weapon would have same firepower and accuracy to all perks and similar price, but the training-side of the 'soldier' is what...
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    How exactly does Headshot Bonus works?

    I mean, it can range from 0.1 to 6.0 of the crossbow, lets suppose the weapon damage is 500, if the hs bonus is 1.0 than it will be 500 x 1.0 = 500? Or it equals plus 1x which results in 1000 total damage?
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    Realism Mod

    What it does? Replaces all the weapon Stats with Real life data, among other changes. My own personal version, made from scratch, if you are not a hardcore player dont waste your time testing this. * v0.5 New version instructions: -Nomore perks, mod...
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    [Mutator] Real Weapons

    Justinas91 and i are developing this mutator together, if you are not a Hardcore player please consider ignore this mod, what it does fully changes the weapons stats, for pure real life data researched and acquired through the web, that means: *Damage *Accuracy *Recoil *Max Ammo *Price I am...