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    Web admin port resets on steam update

    Hi, It's been an issue for a while so I figured I should ask here for a work around/fix: When you run a steam update it resets the KFWeb.ini which disables webadmin and sets port back to default 8080. This is extremely annoying as you usually get that reminded when trying to actually use it...
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    Web admin settings randomly defaulting

    The webadmin port and benabled settings are randomly getting reset to default values (port 8080 and false) causing the web admin to stop working. I also tried enforcing webadmin port from the command line but that does not appear to work as it gets reset anyway. As a side note if editing the...
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    Server querying

    I noticed that one of my servers was returning 11 players online when getting queried while it is set to 6 players and 2 specs (thus should allow 8 players max). I am not sure if this is an issue with querying or if there really was 11 players connected at that time as I was reinstalling the...
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    Minimizing the game = crash

    Always had this happening but never took time to report / ask for a fix. Basically I can minimize the game with alt+tab but it often crashes (every 3 or 4 minimizing / maximizing). Most often it instantly crashes, sometimes it takes 4-5 seconds (I can play during those 4-5 seconds then...
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    DefenceAlliance2 servers order starting at is proud to officially support the release of DA2. We are currently hosting 2 public servers, more might come soon. As for those who would like to purchase their own servers we got plans starting at [URL=""]
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    Spec mode right click > spec previous player

    When ur spectating or forced to spectate if dead, you can use left click to spectate next player but you cant (unless I missed something) spectate previous player. Maybe adding this to the right click wouldnt take much time and would be handy.
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    Exclusive : Perks enabled on rented servers with 6+ slots is announcing an exclusivity on its KillingFloor servers : You can now have Perks Enabled on servers with more than the default 6 slots. We are supporting up to 32 slots for the moment. We can discuss about a bigger slots amount tho. How does it work? It is of course some kind...
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    Stand alone compression tool for KF

    I faced a few problems when I wanted to compress my files to .uz2 so I decided to make a simple and light stand alone tool that does not require any external program nor pointing to ur ut/kf install and that is pretty simple and fast to use. So here we go ...
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    New 30 slots public

    Here is a new 30 slots free for all : Note that the default game is 6 players so you may not like playing with more mates. if thats the case just don't play there and respect those who enjoy it. In order to get the best gaming experience, please post your suggestions for...
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    Server logging

    whats the correct command to enable logging? Ive tried several ones and they almost all seem to be working but i would like to know the official one. Here is what Ive tried : server KF-BioticsLab.rom?game=KFmod.KFGameType?MaxPlayers=6 multihome=XX.XX.XX.XX -log server...
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    [] Orders - 9 is providing quality KillingFloor servers since day 1 Starting at €6.90 monthly EXCLUSIVE : up to 32 slots supported with local perks Our control panel features : Press a simple button on your control panel and all your custom files (maps, muts) are compressed in uz2...
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    Web admin default login/pass

    Hi, I got it all working fine but when going to the webadmin page it of course requests a Login and password and "Admin" is not working. Any1 knows whats the default one?