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    [Solution] a crash fix!

    i kept crashing on barracks and October factory, (sometimes after the map started or before it started.) after reading the forums and some expirimenting i found a fix. if you have your shadows turned on low, turn them off low to any other setting and it plays fine no crashes. (note this may...
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    deluxe or collectors edition for box copy?

    is there gonna be a deluxe edition/collectors edition for box copy. or is it only going to be for steam? :confused: because frankly id love to buy and own a disk. just the way i am. ;) though if there isn't gonna be some kind of bonus i'll probably just buy for steam as its cheaper. :) any...
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    [Video] a Ro2/BF3 Montage ("built to last")

    ‪BF3/RO2 MONTAGE (Built to Last)‬‏ - YouTube[/U] i figured no one made any video montages using ro2 stuff so i figured why not i give it a whirl so i made a montage using bf3/ro2 footage. i think it turned out nicely, :) do you? :cool:
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    attention all TWI Forumites!!!

    in recent threads ive noticed the general displeasure in some of the things that you either missed from the old game or don't find realistic about the new one. well instead of just pouting about it why don't you take action band together and fix the wrongs twi has committed in making this...
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    Messing around with

    i decided to mess around with some screenshots from red orchestra and this is what i got. not much, but im no expert at editing screenshots keep that in mind. first time ive actually posted any but i figure a few of you may enjoy them so i post them. feel free to take them use them edit them...
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    Scrapping tank animation.

    this isn't about exiting tank to run around as you cannot do that it is about leaving your tank after you scuttle it. instead of jsut disapearing into new tank or playing dying animation. this is how it would work, (in my mind anyways). would happen single file so commander first then reloaded...
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    Bonzai charges!!!

    this isn't a thread on if its possible but an idea of how it could work. (on a capture point single re spawn game.) when the point is about to be captured the general(/or squadleader if general is dead.) can call a bonzai charge. thus everyone who is dead waiting for next round spawns rapidly...
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    Modern Combat Mod (MCM) (concept)

    INTRODUCTION hello welcome to my thread, i intend to create a full fledged concept of a Modern Combat total Conversion mod using red orchestra game play style as I believe we haven't had a good modern combat game since bf2. (that isn't complete and total run and gun.) that being said i wish to...
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    suggestions for voice chat.

    now i've never played the previous red orchestra games however this one has got me truly excited. and i have a suggestions that i've only seen in one other game so far. proximity chat, like in the real world or world war 2 when in battle you can't hear everyone on the entire battlefeild at...