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  1. I. Kant

    I think I would like to play me some RO:HOS/RS

    Yes, indeed. I would like to play the game, as I haven't played it in a long while. I look forward to many joyous moments. :IS2: That is all. (here, have a gif: )
  2. I. Kant

    [Game] Papers, Please

    Papers, Please - Trailer - YouTube The new Hotline Meeyummy?
  3. I. Kant

    Danzig/Gdańsk post-WWII (1945/1946)

    There was an article about this movie on a local portal, so linking the original source for those who may be interested. There's not much, mostly facades of destroyed buildings, but a few easily recognisable landmarks are there.
  4. I. Kant

    Smolensk 2010 TU-154m plane crash

    It was 10th April, 2010, a Saturday. I remember that day: I'd gone to sleep very late in the night (or rather: early in the morning), only to be woken from sleep by my wife a few hours later. I remember the exasperated disbelief with which she told me that it looked like we would not be going...
  5. I. Kant

    Refinement of the spawn on SL functionality

    I'll start with some context on this. For the pith of the suggestion, scroll down to below the :IS2: Let me start by saying that recently I have had the mixed pleasure of playing me some realism mode again after a period on classic-only. Now, before that certain guy comes in decrying my foul...
  6. I. Kant

    [Movie] A renovated T-34/85 from Gdańsk

    I saw this on the local webportal and thought you all might be interested. These were shot back in January. They also talk a little about driving this tank during the first movie, divulging a few bits of trivia relating to the tank. Transcript follows the video. Not sure how close to the...
  7. I. Kant

    [NSFW] Not sure if serious, but shadowband?

    Hey, yall, jist chekcing if shadowband or not. Take care, yall :IS2:
  8. I. Kant

    Capzone reinforcement philosophy: trickle in or a massed assault? (or: stay a squad)

    A thing I've been pondering on recently is the dichotomy between those two capzone reinforcement styles: is it better to trickle in reinforcements, until a balance swings in favour of one of the teams, or is it better to organise a group and then hit the enemy in a massed assault, giving them...
  9. I. Kant

    Stock map added variety based on SP campaign maps

    It may have been previously suggested, but seeing as how content-starved the community is, I think adding in the SP campaign map varieties would be a decent and time-efficient way of increasing the current map count. What should be done is the current attack maps (i.e. the ones where one side's...
  10. I. Kant

    Map descriptions on the Tripwire Interactive Wiki

    I was perusing the TI Wiki earlier today and happened to notice the map descriptions, specifically the "Story" sections, which had been written up by Wilsonam. These are really great, thank you very much for these. Is there any chance these background notes could in any capacity make their way...
  11. I. Kant

    Dropping the DLC-bomb

    With the long-awaited beta containing a treasure trove of changes and improvements, with the apparent climate for a sort of re-release, I thought it's high time to drop the DLC bomb. A lot of the issues different people had/ are having with ROHOS apparently stem from manpower shortages at TWI...
  12. I. Kant

    Ho Ho Ho Now I Have a Machinegun, too.

    ... and broadband to boot, too. After x years of being stuck in a rut with a crappy WiFi, I've now gone from 2 Mb/sec to 29 Mb/sec and from (local) ping of 120-140 to 15. Beta, here I come. :IS2:
  13. I. Kant

    [Game] Crusader Kings 2

    So, this is coming out on 14th of February. I enjoyed the original immensely (the only Paradox title I actually cared to run an AAR for, for a brief period of time) and I do admit I've been jonessing for some of that gameplay. It looks promising, here are the dev diaries collected in one place...
  14. I. Kant

    Body collision

    The question is, do we really need it for the improved realism mode that is (hopefully) upcoming? I certainly want the majority of the improvements that are asked for when discussing how to improve RO2 unto the realism levels initially expected, but this one thing is a no to me. I feel the...
  15. I. Kant

    Air-bursting smoke grenades

    In this topic we extol the virtues of cooking smoke grenades so as to achieve an air-burst and a resulting hanging cloud of smoke that works to obscure and obfuscate thy nefarious doings from those that may watch from high on (excluding the all-seeing eye of Providence and the Lord). It is my...
  16. I. Kant

    [Error] K98 Scoped awards x2 kills

    Kar98 still awards x2 kills after the recent patch/update. I know since I have not shot a k98 scoped before (after I reset stats manually two days ago). Don't know whether the same is true for other scoped rifles (or other weapons; MN, k98 normal, DP, MP40, SVT, MkB, revolver, g41 were all okay).
  17. I. Kant

    Stats, undiluted.

    Dear all, Today, as of 14:30 pm CET, I have manually reset my stats (using the console command, 'stats reset "steamnick"'). Obviously, the world and people couldn't care less (seeing as people generally don't care about much), but it does not limit my right to share this development with you in...
  18. I. Kant

    The game is dead threads are dead!

    Not to offend by excessive brevity, but yes. However! It is 5:15 (well, it was when I started this) ante meridiam and I just woke up after having fallen asleep on the couch after an outing that included the imbibing of alcoholic beverages. Cool story, no? Anyways, the game is dead threads are...
  19. I. Kant

    Update from 11th Oct?

    There doesn't seem to be any info about this on the forum, but Steam is downloading a 3 GB update, again. I've already d/led the stats fix and map rebalance update, is it doing it again - and if so, why? I honestly can not download the patch, as I am on a monthly DL limit and have other uses...
  20. I. Kant

    [Error] Tactical overlay remains on-screen after team autobalance.

    Was playing Station as a Soviet SL, set orders for my squad, got auto-balanced to Axis rifleman, orders overlay remained on-screen until map end (albeit different orders than I set as Soviet SL, may have been Axis SL orders).