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  1. O'Shannon

    role kick not showing all teammates

    some teammates dont show up in the role kick menu
  2. O'Shannon

    [Article]GameStar - Release date rumors

    German Article:,45293,2322459.html English Translation...
  3. O'Shannon

    Picking up/Swaping Weapons

    OK so we know that u can pick up other weapons and have multiple weapons at the same time. and the feature i am suggesting is probably planned or even already implanted but just to make sure here is me idea on weapon pickup functionality. tap [USE] = pick up Weapon press(0.5-1 sec) [USE] =...
  4. O'Shannon

    Idle Tankcrew mutator

    i have listened to the recent webcast on bashandslash and when i heard John Gibson saying something like AI will engage enemy by its own. In clan matches there shouldn't be any random factor like random arty and AI manning and firing MG or Main-Gun is just another random factor, imo. and...
  5. O'Shannon

    [Question] How detailed will the tankcrewman hitzone be?

    since the last videos showing of tank features and Ramm-Jeager was saying that tankcrewmen can be kill by shells penetrating the tank i asked myself: will the tank-crewman hitzones be as detailed as the infantry ones? or will there just be some simple boxes like this? and if its like the...
  6. O'Shannon

    Regdolls affected by Momentum

    After watching the trailer i came up with an other eyecandy suggestion. the Germans that are running towards the Command Center and get hit by the mg seen to stop there forward movement. (Trailer @ 1:00) and thats were i would like to see the regdolls drop to the front instead of just droping...
  7. O'Shannon

    RO:Ladder interview with John "Ramm-Jaeger" Gibson

    A RO:Ladder staff member was at this year's GamesCom in Cologne and met John "Ramm-Jaeger" Gibson! Here the ~40 minutes interview for you about clan gaming in the new game Heroes of Stalingrad: part 1 YouTube - Interview: Tripwire President John "RammJaeger" Gibson - Red Orchestra Heroes of...
  8. O'Shannon

    Ready checkbox for spawnmenu

    judging for the latest videos seen i instanly came up with this idea. you'll see the Squadspawn menu evertime you die. in BC2 i sometimes miss to ready up and wonder why i dont spawn. and here me idea: basically i'd like to see a checkbox near the ready button for auto-ready. checking the box...
  9. O'Shannon

    Advanced Scoring (point system)

    those are my thoughts about a new point system. Points-Tasks 100*x--capturing Objective | x=percentage you captured (100*80%=80 points) 10*x---Kill | x=K/D or K/min of the victim +5---Attack Kill bonus (killing someone who...
  10. O'Shannon

    advanced MG supplying

    Since there is a weight system in RO:HOS i came up with this idea. You should be able to check/uncheck additional MG-ammo in the classmenu... Checked -> You can supply MGs but are littel bit slower than default speed (or/and you have less stamina) while carring the additional weight...
  11. O'Shannon

    [idea] "Enemy spotted" command improvment

    Ok yesterday i though about voice commands and thought they of cause should be positional ( nothing new, was posted already ). if they were positional, commands like "Enemy spotted!" would have a propose unlike in RO:OST.. and know for me idea were positional voice commands...
  12. O'Shannon

    A Good Vote-Menu

    well it was suggested befor but togther with other stuff so i thought i'll do a suggestion thread explicit for the voting menu Quick Vote Menu (bindable): a menu like for voice commands in ro:ost would be ok (numbers or mousescroll/middlemouse to navigate/select)). its fast and easy to use...
  13. O'Shannon

    Ironsights disalignment during stands change

    i came u with this idea while i was raging about people suggesting "DH suppression" for HOS. i guess the reason people like "DH suppression" so much is because as mg its pretty hard to stand a chance against good rifles(sniper) that do the Crouch\Stand popupping during Ironsights. solutions...
  14. O'Shannon

    Need help -> BroadcastLocalizedMessage

    OK, first off... i am a total scripting-noob.... first i made myself some new rifles( rifles with only 2 clips, for my funmap) after i watched some scripting tuts on 3dbuzz.... and they work!!! then i thought, you shouldn't be allowed to use ironsights ....haxxed some stuff together ... and it...
  15. O'Shannon

    Serverprofiles -for WebAdmin and InGame

    I guess every serveradmin would love to have some sort of serverprofil-management-system. being able to setup different "serverprofiles" would make admin life so much easier. examples: WebAdmin: Serverprofil 1 name= "clan-scrim" -realism or relaxed realism --> realism (realism will...
  16. O'Shannon

    my thoughts/suggestion

    some of my suggestions... 1) grenades should cause a viewshack and/or blur if you get hit directly(at the head). 1.1) grenades and other explosives should explode(or become a dud) when being hit by matter if its liying some where or being tosed at you. 2) knife as "last defence...
  17. O'Shannon

    General protection fault!

    Hi, i have some trouble with RO lately (since i installed new nVidia Driver) Build RedOrchestra_Build_[2005-11-27_10.48] OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600) CPU: AuthenticAMD PentiumPro-class processor @ 1469 MHz with 511MB RAM Video: NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X (9371) General...
  18. O'Shannon

    MUCH lower reinforcements ?!?!

    Is it just me or are the reinforcements running low much MUCH faster now? we(Vendetta) played some 8vs8 friendlys since the update and the reinforcements were running low so much faster.... we never got to the point that the time was up on maps like Danzig or LyesKrovy were the reinforcements...
  19. O'Shannon

    Text colour change in .ini

    Hi, i want to know if there is any ways to change the colour of the text(say/teamsay) in the ini
  20. O'Shannon

    Another granade suggestion

    Maybe it has been posted befor but i havent found it so here it is: I would love to be able to pick up different typs of granades. lets say you are rifleman with 1 grenade F-1 (you have thrown one nade already) and you see two smokenades in front of you. in order to pick it up you need to drop...