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  1. WickedPenguin

    A Leningrad Short Story: "Day 483" just published a new short story I wrote, set during the Siege of Leningrad. It's probably my darkest story yet. I thought the RO fans may appreciate it, given its historical setting. Click to read: "Day 483"
  2. WickedPenguin

    RO-Mga | Beta 3

    This update has been a long time coming, as in "near-vaporware" amount of time. RO-Mga was the last map I made for the RO:CA mod and then I ported it over to Ostfront. I released a Beta 1 of it, started work on Beta 2... and then life got in the way. As some here know, I went off to become an...
  3. WickedPenguin

    Makarov Pistol Video

    Here's a quick video I made when I took my Makarov out to the range this past weekend. I had ordered some ammo online and it turned out it was a type of ammo that's only allowed in outdoor ranges (Steel casing, steel bullet case, but it's not steel core). I'm currently up in Oklahoma City for...
  4. WickedPenguin

    WWII & Russian Weaponry on "Lost"

    I guess it must be a testament to the ruggedness of Russian arms that the producers of Lost felt Russian guns are the one of the few types that can hold up on an isolated Pacific island. :) So far I've seen Sayid wielding an SKS for most of Season 3. The others had a stash of what looked like...
  5. WickedPenguin

    I want one!!!

    This is just freaking cool: And I want one. Imagine - when you go away on vacation, just leave one of these in your backyard, triggered by a motion-detector. "Beware of Dog" my ass. More like "Beware of Armed Autonomous Mini-Gunship". :D
  6. WickedPenguin

    My New (Air Traffic Control) Office

    As a few people here know, I'm working on becoming an air traffic controller. I just found out I'm getting assigned to Pensacola TRACON, which runs Pensacola NAS (where the Navy's Top Gun school and Blue Angels are based), Whiting NAS (which operates about 10% of the Navy's global aviation...
  7. WickedPenguin

    Buttkicker Gamer: Anyone have one?

    I've been thinking about getting or asking for a Buttkicker Gamer for Christmas. I have to play a lot with headphones, so I figured it'd be a good way to get some good rumble/bass response going. Anybody have one of these or used one? I keep reading all kinds of great reviews on it. I can...
  8. WickedPenguin

    Buy me a corporate jet... pretty please....

    This is not a joke, but man do I wish it was! Things like this give weight to the saying "There's a ****er born every minute." I've been doing some quick Googling and it doesn't appear that even the Roman Catholic Pope...
  9. WickedPenguin


    This is a new release of Partisan Forest, modified enough that I decided to change the name slightly to "Partisan Forest Raid" (plus, people like raiding things, right? Refrigerators, panties, etc. :p). These are largely changes I banged out so I could submit the map to the 1st phase of the map...
  10. WickedPenguin

    Flight Simulator X

    Just got Flight Simulator X yesterday. Anyone else give it a go? My thoughts so far: I've been reasonably impressed with the graphics and the interface improvements. The FPS is definitely lower than FS2004, but the scenery is much nicer. I've got a 256MB 6800GS so it's not the world's fastest...
  11. WickedPenguin

    Spot the Airplane

    I was reading something online about the F-14, discussing how they're being placed at the Davis-Monatham AFB "boneyard" with the hope that some will be taken up by museums. I'd always heard about that boneyard, but never seen a good aerial photo of it. I decided to give it a look in Google...
  12. WickedPenguin

    A Suggestion for the Helpful

    If you're feeling in a good and helpful mood while playing RO, change your tags to "[ROHelp]YourNameHere", "[HelpYou]YourNameHere", or something like that so newbies will know there's someone on there who can answer some questions. Also, when you hop on a server, it's good to ask the crowd if...
  13. WickedPenguin

    Robin Williams Playing Spore

    Robin Williams gets invited up to create a "special" creature in the new Will Wright game Spore: :D:D:D
  14. WickedPenguin


    OK - Final version is now released. It is currently playable on the Core EU Server. The file below contains standard .rom map file as well as the .uz2 compressed version for quick installation on server redirects: Final Changelog...
  15. WickedPenguin

    Announcing: Racing Tanks

    What weighs 5.8 tons, packs a 20mm cannon, and travels at 140kmph? T-60 Racing Tanks of course! They come in two stylish colors for your choice of invading army: Performance: Low weight and high power output results in a machine that can do incredible things. Leap through the air... climb...
  16. WickedPenguin

    Go to post a review

    Give RO some more reviews at There's only 7 reviews on it so far, and at least one of them is pretty priceless: "People cheat: 1. you get a low weapon and they will get an semi auto with scope. When you get a sniper rifle (not many times) you'll get a bolt action with scope. 2. They...
  17. WickedPenguin

    Helicopter Gunship

    Now that the Devs have re-added the flying vehicle code, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in seeing this in-game: The FI 282 Kolibri (Hummingbird) was an unarmed reconnaisance helicopter used by the Germans. I was thinking it might be interesting to see what would happen if one...
  18. WickedPenguin

    My mutator request: ONE WAY MOVER

    Basically, this would be an extension of the mover class. Interface: Add a single boolean checkbox to the Mover properties, labelled "bOneWay" Function: When a normal mover has been triggered and then gets triggered again, it does the entire opening motion backwards. For instance, a door will...
  19. WickedPenguin

    RO-PartisanForest | ***BETA 5 RELEASE***

    OK - Beta 5 is now released. It is currently playable on both Core Servers (Core NA and Core EU). Beta 5 Changelog: * Re-adjusted lighting: I've reduced the radius on all the lights within the map, so you no longer should have the...
  20. WickedPenguin

    How does one setup WotGreal to work with RO:O?

    I haven't used WotGreal in an age, but I'd like to get back into some Uscript to tackle a couple of small projects. I used it exclusively for UT2004 mods, but that was years ago. Can someone give me a walkthrough on setting it up for use with RO:O? I mean, from installing to class-making to...