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  1. Nanostrike

    M14: The elephant in the room

    Okay, everyone seems to agree, but no one seems to be wanting to talk about it much: The M-14 EBR, despite being one of the potentially coolest guns in the game, is incredibly lame right now and an absolute joke in comparison to it's alternative, the Crossbow. It's time to discuss exactly...
  2. Nanostrike

    Your top 5 tips for newbies

    People are saying that there's a steep learning curve and that newbies are having trouble getting started. I can see that, but I don't exactly have the time to write guides on stuff anymore. So I'm gonna do something a bit simpler: A list of my top 5 tips and suggestions for beginners! Any...
  3. Nanostrike

    Note from Berserkers

    If you see is meleeing a Scrake with a Fire Axe...we don't need help. Shoot the other stuff AROUND it, please. If you shoot it, it's gonna un-stun and beat the crap out of us. Thanks, -Berserkers. PS: If you keep unstunning it, I'm gonna stop meleeing it at all and it's gonna kill you.
  4. Nanostrike

    Replace/Upgrade the Knife

    Lets be honest here, when you have a Katana, Axe, or Machete, you're almost never gonna use the Knife. Yet you can't drop it. So if you're trying to juggle a Katana and Fire Axe, you'll often end up switching to the knife. And often when you're switching to melee for the machete, you might...
  5. Nanostrike

    Mouse too fast in menus

    Recently got a new high DPI mouse and the mouse sensitivity in the menus is too high, even at 1.00 mouse input in the options. I tried setting it lower, but there doesn't seem to be any way. Anyone know a fix for it? It's amazing to have a nice, high-DPI mouse in gameplay, but in the menus...
  6. Nanostrike

    Lets see what's changed...

    Took close to an 8 month break from the game due to college and frustration at Berserker being useless and Sharpshooter being unstoppable death gods. But with a new PC and a holiday break, I figure it's time to give the game a shot again. I browsed the patch notes and got the general idea of...
  7. Nanostrike

    What happened to DA2?

    Few servers are still up, and all the bugs that were present at release are still there. On top of that, every DA2 forum I've seen for posting bugs/suggestions or just discussing the mod has vanished within about a week or so of being created! Is this a forgotten mod project or is something...
  8. Nanostrike

    Things going stagnant?

    I realize it's part of the aging process for the game, but has anyone else noticed how quickly everything's gone stagnant in KF right now? I don't know how to explain it, really. I guess the old thrill has died down. Me and most of my friends have maxed out our perks and aside from...
  9. Nanostrike

    Defense Alliance?

    The forums for it went down. What's going on with it these days?
  10. Nanostrike

    Amazing KF deal on Steam

    Killing Floor is just $5! Buy, buy, buy! If there was ever a time to get the game for a friend, this is definitely it. Get it now and say it was a "Late Christmas Gift!" I know anyone on Steam has probably noticed (It made the front page and it's in the best-sellers!), but if anyone...
  11. Nanostrike

    Burst and Sustained DPS

    I got bored between classes with my laptop, some KF damage files, and a I figured I'd check the DPS of everything. All of this is based on Rank 6 perks using their chosen weapons with all bonuses, including clip-size increases, reload speed increases, and damage increases (And in...
  12. Nanostrike

    A marketing suggestion for TWI

    I'm sure you have own plans and all, but I think it'd be awesome to see a "Killing Floor Complete" package on Steam for the holidays! Have the game and all of it's character packs for a slight discount or something. If you priced it at even $24, where they're only saving $2, it's still be...
  13. Nanostrike

    A couple technical questions

    The SDK works iffy on my computer, so I haven't been able to check myself, but I have a couple of questions about some more technical aspects of the game that I've been curious about. First off...what's the formula for how armor works? In past games like Doom, it took the first 1/3 or 1/2 of...
  14. Nanostrike

    Berserker Woes Part 1: Bugged Enemy Animations

    I'm starting a series of topics about current Berserker issues. It'll likely be ignored/trolled, but whatever. I like the class and I'm going to point out what, in my opinion, is wrong with it. Other zerkers can feel free to chime in with their two cents as well. For starters, one of THE...
  15. Nanostrike

    Sharpshooter overpopulation

    I just had my 5th game in a row today involving 4 or more Sharpshooters with M-14s. And they were winning easily. On Hard and Suicidal. On any map. It's getting a little ridiculous. The ugly ironsights do their job at long range and up-close, the 'hip-firing' laser sight leaves them just as...
  16. Nanostrike

    Field survey of class use in-game

    Over the last few days, just to see how the classes affected perk use, I started keeping track of all the perks everyone is using when I play. The results really shed some light on the current state of balance, I think... For background: I play typically on Hard, Whitelisted 6-Player servers...
  17. Nanostrike

    Berserker nerfed to uselessness

    In this patch, every class (Save for Firebug. No love for the Firebugs...) got a lot of fancy new weaponry and/or improvements. Except the Berserker. While every class was buffed, the Zerker got absolutely gimped. First, the equipment nerfs. The Berserker got the Katana's attack rate slowed...
  18. Nanostrike

    Veterans, admit it...

    Who else is a KF veteran who eats every stock level for breakfast... Yet, during your first few times playing Foundry, you got absolutely lost and died humiliatingly? I have. The first two times I played it, I ended up lost and cornered. I got eaten by a Clot! A CLOT! It got worse, too...
  19. Nanostrike

    Attention Friendly Fire Server Players

    My name is Dr. Garry Glover. I am not a bloat. Please stop shooting me. Thank you. I've seriously been TK'd about a dozen times using this skin now! D'OH!
  20. Nanostrike

    More Firebug Weapons

    This isn't a suggestion by me as much as it's an open thread for ideas for new Firebug weapons. Lets face it: Right now, there are only 2 Flame-Based weapons. The Flamethrower and the Fire Grenades. That's it. Not since the Commando and his Bullpup has a class been pigeonholed into a single...