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  1. Nathan Bay

    Special Effects Demo

    Heres a Sfx Demo i partly finished today. I dont have muzzle flashes in because originally it was going to be a silenced weapon. The actor is not me.
  2. Nathan Bay

    4d Blue?

    Is this 3d software any good? I downloaded it, played around some with it, but havent had a chance to really try it out.
  3. Nathan Bay

    Cloverfield game?

    i heard some company is making a cloverfield game. I hope this isnt true?
  4. Nathan Bay

    Can RO kill a computer?

    I was wondering if steam or RO in general with all those updates that occur( possibly spyware?), can they eventually slow your computer down? Because about a year ago, i had a brand new dell gaming computer and it died from steam i think. Now im running on something else. It made me angry...
  5. Nathan Bay

    Crazy Russian Weapon!!!

    Check out this soviet era weapon. It fired almost a near speed of todays miniguns and was never used in service fully due to a lack of the type of ammunition for it. The design looks almost alien like., with that 3 barrel design. :cool:
  6. Nathan Bay

    Running out of Gas

    Do you think it would be a cool feature, if nobody else has done this yet, to run out of gas in a tank? I think it could make the game have alot more strategy. Back in the 40's anyway, those things were gas guzzlers.
  7. Nathan Bay

    Mech Walker

    It was a rainy day today so i got bored and made this......:cool:
  8. Nathan Bay

    Left 4 Dead

    Anyone looking forward to this game besides me? Hoping to kill zombies soon....
  9. Nathan Bay

    Katyusha Truck

    I would like the idea for the second Ro, if they are making it, to have a katyusha truck. Imagine being able to fire rockets at people. Or, another cool thing would to have that instead of that artillary. Imagine a night map and seeing the missiles fly in the air and land. Lots of noise and...
  10. Nathan Bay

    Problem with my war of the worlds mod!!!

    I need someone to help me out with this problem..... Ok, everytime i drive my tripod vehicle up to the village of arad, it starts to float off the map uncontrollably! I am having to kill myself everytime this happens. Need to know what the problem is! The pros- Tripod is able to drive...
  11. Nathan Bay

    War of the worlds mod

    I am happy to announce that my friend and i have just almost finished the war of the worlds mini-mod that will feature 2 new vehicles on the map ARAD. Germans have regular weapons rom regular RO mod. But the new vehicle for their team is the tripod!!! Featuring a 20mm anti aircraft gun and a...
  12. Nathan Bay

    !900's/ The Samurai's Mod

    Alright, i know i may have said i was gonna work on a war of the worlds mod but i have really thought this one out. It all starts out with being in 1901 and the samurai's are being pushed out by modern imperialist japan. The samurai want to stay true to their traditional ways and disagree...
  13. Nathan Bay

    im looking to help people in a mod!!!

    Anyone need help modelling weapons or vehicles for a mod? Ill help!
  14. Nathan Bay

    War Of The Worlds Mod.

    All right, im serious about this guys. Imm gonna make a war of the worlds mod with tripods for the alien team and regular military/earth **** for the human team. Now, i don think i will make new maps but just use the old ones such as ARAD. In fact, that might be the only level for it. But...