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  1. Alan123

    RO/DH RAM Memory Leak Error under Windows7

    Hello, Yesterday I did some testing while playing with regards map memory usage. While playing Cholm on my pc with Win7 LAA tool in use, full server, noticed the following interesting phenonma: RAM Start 1.8GB, half way through 2.5GB, toward the end 2.7GB. Road to Tunis, 3/4 full...
  2. Alan123

    ROeditor Broeken

    Hello, More info on this problem, when the editor starts it writes a log file called Editor.txt in the System folder. Here it logs its progress and any problems it has. Mine is a stock standard steam installation which crashes on startup as per the above error messages in past posts. This...
  3. Alan123


    RealPanzer expansion for Darkest Hour. Information portal for the RealPanzer expansion for Darkest Hour. Link to Steamgroup page here for more details: DH REAL PANZER OST FRONT SERVER IP address:
  4. Alan123

    RO Editor Broken?

    Hello, I run the DH_REALPANZER_OST_FRONT server. We make and mod a lot of RO and DH maps and more recently we have ported over some of the larger MN maps. Just lately since the last big RO update we have found that when we make and mod maps they do not work afterwards, they run on the server...
  5. Alan123

    High Ping Player Filter

    Hallo, Please delete this thread I found the answer I was looking for in another thread. Thanks Alan
  6. Alan123

    Tank Wrecks Stay mod

    Hallo, Where can I regulate how long and if a tank wreck stays on the map and how long it burns for? Am looking at making a tank wreck stay mod. Thanks Alan
  7. Alan123

    What are the Best Current Server Specs for RO?

    Hallo, We have recently upgraded our clan server from an old dual core server to the latest 8 chip server. We run a Linux operating system. We expected the game to fly even higher given that it was ok even before the change. The real reason for the change was to have a clan server that could...
  8. Alan123

    3d mouse support in SDK

    Hallo, Is there anyway I can get my Siemens Magellan Spacemouse-Plus USB 3d mouse working in the ROOST SDK? Is there a plugin like for 3Dsmax? Such a thing would greatly improve mobility in map making. Please let me know. Thanks Alan
  9. Alan123

    Importing Uniforms into RO with the SDK

    Hallo, I am trying to import new tank crew skins that I have done into RO using the SDK programme, in the same way that I import tank skins. The trouble is that the change does to stay. The skin reverts instantly back to the original RO skin that was there before. What do I need to do? I am...
  10. Alan123

    Canon Pawn height coding for new tank in RO

    Hello, I am in the process of creating a new vehicle for RO and am having trouble with the height of the canon. At the moment the canon is sitting about 50cm too low in the tank. Could someone please tell me what bit of code I need to change to raise the height of the canon in the chassis of...