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    Unlimited Ammo

    I don't know how, but I was playing yesterday and had an MP40 and I kept trying to reload after shooting but he wouldnt. Finally he tried and it said it was full. So I shot like 1000 times and tried again and still full. Unlimited ammo.
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    Graphics error
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    Awesome Sauce

    BBQ that is. This has nothing to do with the game, but I was so proud, I had to tell someone. BTW that is Guinness BBQ sauce
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    A most totally awesome question

    At some point, did the devs make a conscious decision to scrap realism and go straight COD run n gun?
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    Hit effects

    Do people ever drop their guns when shot? Or fall to the ground if hit in the leg. So far, it seems like there is no reaction whatsoever when you shoot someone unless they die. I shot a guy in the foot 3 times and he was running around full speed like nothing happened.
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    Voice Chat

    I was using Voice last night but couldn't get anyone to respond and didn't hear anyone else. Is this disabled for Beta?