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  1. LemoN

    Steam now has F2P games!

    Well, check the "New releases" tab in the store page, Steam now has F2P games!
  2. LemoN

    Epic troll moments in history

    Well, I thought I'd open up a thread covering some epic troll stories written down in history. Spanish army trolling themselves.... and their allies! This one happened on the evening before the battle of Talavera in 1809. A true troll gun:
  3. LemoN

    Artillery airbursts

    Well, I thought that I would be pretty cool to have airbursts from mortars and artillery. Basically airbursts greatly increase the lethality of a round, especially against lightly entrenched positions and foxholes. There were two ways to achieve this in WW2, timed fuses and grenades hitting an...
  4. LemoN

    Info on the German 45th ID?

    Well, only recently I found out that I had 6 relatives which all served in the 45th ID, based in Linz, my hometown, the most information I got up until now was from Would be great if anyone with one of the books listed in the sources part...
  5. LemoN

    Anyone need an Aircraft Carrier?

    Well, this little baby is on sale atm.;pgid=MieqQ4wkQg8000ArvQ_8K1sp0000z5qcBsLm?ProductUUID=eIDAqBIQIhQAAAEupZZcNt5o&CatalogCategoryID=VaLAqBELPagAAAED8GeasfoP&JumpTo=OfferList
  6. LemoN

    [Game] The "Clan looking for players" thread!

    Well, I've been thinking about creating a thread like this for some time now. Basically, whatever the game,whatever your clan, just post in this thread and with your details and what kind of players you're looking for! :) I'll have a start...
  7. LemoN

    [Game] Spoofing playernumbers on a gameserver?

    Well, a friend of mine from told me that they are spoofing playernumbers for their BF2 and BF2142 servers in order to populate them fast. Now my question is, is this right or wrong? EDIT: To explain a bit further, imagine a server with 0 players being displayed as having 40 or 50 players on...
  8. LemoN

    Nvidia's latest drivers add HoS profile! Credit for finding this goes to Kucd aka OneDuck.
  9. LemoN

    Option to turn off morale system?

    Well, I just sat back a bit and reflected on my past and present gaming days. One thing I noticed was that (especially in clan-gaming) there already is a morale system in place. Whenever your team lost, you got killed often or you simply are pissed... you play worse. A LOT worse. Especially in...
  10. LemoN

    The merry Christmas thread!

    Well, seeing as the Christmas eve is only a couple of hours away I thought I'd just wish you all a merry Christmas! Have a nice evening with your family and enjoy yourselves! I certainly will!:IS2: YouTube - Communist Christmas
  11. LemoN

    blued Mosin bolts

    Well, one thing I noticed after downloading the press kit and zooming in really close is that the bolt's of all Mosin Nagant 91/30's are blued. They actually should be polished steel. Maybe that's because they are still WIP, but I simply wanted to give TWI a heads up for this. :)
  12. LemoN

    Concerning MG recoil

    Will Mg's primarily feature upwards or backwards recoil? In the latest PAX video Ramm has stated that they are increasing MG recoil.... Mg's in Ostfront had unrealistic recoil because they didn't recoil backwards but upwards. From a real life perspective I have to say that Mg's shouldn't have...
  13. LemoN

    Will manual bolting still be there?

    Maybe I'm blind but I have't seen any "evidence" of it still being there. Maybe it was just the style the presentation was played in, but all I have seen up until now was instant bolting. I'd miss it if it wasn't included any more.
  14. LemoN

    The first impressions thread

    Ok guys, I'd like to open this thread so we can all post our first impressions of the newly released HoS material. No discussions of any sort will take place here. + The graphics are, if not ground breaking, very good. + Most animations are looking very good already, some might get tweaked as...
  15. LemoN

    Help on Shashka identification

    Hey guys! A friend of mine recently got a Soviet sword from a relative. I managed to identify it as an M1927 Shashka. Hilt and blade are both stamped 1931 and have various other markings which I am not able to identify. The 91/30 bayonet is missing. My question now is: Does anyone of you guys...
  16. LemoN


    Well, as good as exclusive news etc. to small Indy websites like Vodoo 3D sound, it obviously doesn't quite cut the cake and is wasting resources. TBH, I have yet to see the latest news spread away from V3D onto major websites. I was just curious and used Google Trends to look up the amount of...
  17. LemoN

    So I'll be going to England soon...

    Well, im just one step away from signing a contract for a job in Hempsted, Gloucester, limited to 3-6 months at first, with possible long term employment. So I wanted to ask, what should I watch out for, any tips for me ect. I'm flying there next week to sign the contract if it fits me and I...
  18. LemoN

    EA announces new MoH game I'll reverse troll this now, AGAIN MODERN WARFARE?!?
  19. LemoN

    Different view in IS mode

    ok i brought this up in another thread but thought this may (or may not:p) deserve its own thread ok so here it goes: The game should restrict your weapon to the approximate center of the screen(with maybe 2-3cm freeaim), but enable free head/upper body movement in a restricted arc while in...
  20. LemoN

    AM2+ CPU on a AM2 mainboard?

    well, the only thing that currently hampers the performance of my current machine is my CPU atm i have a AMD 64 X2 5200+ on a ASUS M2N SLI deluxe ASUS says that this board supports AM2+ CPU's im thinking about getting the AMD Phenom II X4 940 CPU as its pretty darned cheap atm (136