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    Binocular Bug axis Commander

    I was playing axis as commander and found a bug with the binoculars. to create the bug select binoculars either via the menu at the top of the screen (using mouse scroll and buttons) or by pressing number 5. then go to iron sights ( using middle mouse button or (mouse button 3) in my case as...
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    G41 bug- fires after keypress combo

    Map: Apartments Medium low settings I found after pressing sprint and running forwards, then strafe right at the same time, the G41 rifle fired when I stopped strafing. It didn't fire when strafing left while srpinting. I could not replicate it. I think the magazine was empty, but was still...
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    Crash logs and dump files

    here are my dump files so far. First couple of crashes were in game for no obvious reason. last was due to adjusting graphics settings while connected to a server. Game attempted to restart to apply changes, but crashed instead.
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    trouble getting 2 sided tex into map

    Well I've done this before so I'm not sure why it isn't working now. I an making a wire between two posts out of a plane in maya. Once I've got it sorted ion the model in maya with UVs etc, I imported it into the editor. I then made the wire tex in photoshop ( 8 bit BMP, saved as p.pcx file)...
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    258 bots

    I was messing around in game today and look what I came up with.. This is what it looks like in game.. there are about 50 ppl in this shot if you look hard enough.
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    Staitic Mesh Questions

    1 If the origin of a static mesh is in additive space but most of the mesh is in the subtracted world space will the SM get drawn? Will the level not start and will the map not build with the mesh saved? 2 I am making a tunnel and so in maya I made a cylinder, deleted the end faces, shaped...
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    Shrinking Tracer Rounds

    Ever noticed the way the MG tracer rounds sometimes flop around like agitated, glowing crowbars after they hit something? Also as the tracers bounce the second time the speed is much slower and the length looks wrong. Id like to write a mutator that shrinks the length of the tracer round...
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    Australian RO Players Introduce Yourselves Here!

    Something to build the community in Australia I occationally see aussies in the RO forums, it would be great to get them all in one place.:D
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    I thought I would start this thread off because I cant get my mic working in game. Some games I have connected to OK via the ingame Chat server (, but mostly it doesnt work. This is confusing as I do the same thing each time, so it seems server dependant. How do I get my Mic...
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    Automatic artillery

    OK so I extended the IS2CannonShellHE to enable variable lauch speed and trajectory. It is then spawned in a ScriptedTrigger with wait times etc. to simulate an artillery barrage from off map. The scriptedTriggers are at the edge of the map. The projectile spawns OK and the purpose of the code...
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    Photoshop help

    I was hoping that one of the Photoshop gurus could help me out here as I have basic PS skills. Im looking for a specific type of filter effect for a texture. The G16 texture used for the terrain heightmap in RO would be a good mask( or alpha channel) for another layer like grass etc, that...
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    I'm really pleased with the reaction this map has got so far. I know that it is about as big as a map can get in RO and still be playable, but this was my intention from the beginning. I spent some time working out just how big it could be based on the engine limits (~1000m draw distance) as...
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    RO-Orel Beta1

    Hi I have just uploaded RO-Orel Beta to Map Orchestra. Go Get it Here: Here are some screenshots:
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    RORoleInfo FAQ

    Is it possible to have two or more of the same kind of RORoleInfo in your map, but with slightly diferent setup. EG. Unlimited "ROTankCrew"- with pistol, two grenades. Limited (2) "ROTankCrew"- with rifle, two grenades, binoculars Limited (2) "ROTankCrew"- with rifle, two grenades...
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    What about maps based on partisan operations, at least in conception. So, minor, intense skirmishes. And, what about fictional maps. I have issues about creating maps as close to reality as possible because- I dont know alot about east europe/west russia (like achitecture, environment, what...
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    Where is the RO sdk

    So I was poking around in the steamApps/redorchestra folder and was unable to locate an editor application, or any map folders, or any static mesh folders, or any content folders at all. My guess is the SDK has not been released with the game. It also seems that the content folders are packed...