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    Tips for PTRD

    The Russian Anti-Tank Soldier class is the most underplayed class in Red Orchestra, because of how hard it is. The PTRD takes more skill to use than any other weapon in Red Orchestra, and its the most frustrating weapon to use for many. The good thing about PTRD is that you get more satisfaction...
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    How many meters is beach assault2?

    Does anybody know how many meters is the beach assault map from the German bunkers on top of the mountain, down to the beach where the boats land? I was testing the Sniper rifles on bots, and I could hit them perfectly when they are on the boat in 1 shot with the Scoped G43, and its accurate...
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    Sorry Bolts, but Semi Autos stole my heart...

    I have used the bolt ever since I played Red Orchestra, and since my computer is so slow, Rifleman is the only class I could use in infantry maps, since the rest of the classes were already taken. My computer got faster, and I have used the Semi auto rifle more and more, and forgot the bolt. Now...
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    Transformation of a Model
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    Tips for Clown Cars in Orel

    1.Get to the objective! Clown cars are the fastest vehicles in the game, and its almost impossible for tanks to hit a moving Clown Car! They are great for capping. 2.Use the Satchel! Once you get near a tank THAT DOES NOT SEE YOU, toss a sathcel underneath it and run! Be sure to keep your...
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    Soldiers need to drink more milk

    It seems that German and Russian soldiers don't drink milk, because they have very fragile bones. I fell from a height of 4 feet, and my leg broke. Fall from a height of 6 feet, and you die. I know the game tries to prevent bunnyhopping, but this is outrageous!
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    Winning Hedgehog as Russians

    This is a big challange to me. Today, we lost with scores of 1 to 2. I was squad leader, and I smoke a barn, then send in infantry to cap the farmhouse, while tanks cover them. Once we have done that, we move onto the next point. I concentrate all my force to 1 point, and I sneak into an...
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    Holy crap! PPSH Sniping!

    I was playing a custom map with bots called Mormrange, and practicing sniping, from +100 to +200 meters away, shooting at infantry. Now, when you fight bots, or play on servers, there is a bug for SMG's, where they have zero recoil. I use a ppsh, go +100/150 meters away, and start firing at...
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    Does range and power of guns even matter?

    People in the forums tell me that Assault rifles replaced SMGs, because of more power and accuracy, but why does that actually matter? (Forgive my ignorance). First off, the weapon's power does not really mean much, does it? You are going to die if a guy shoots you multiple times with any gun...
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    Buy DODS or COD2? (Multiplayer)

    I already own Red Orchestra, and I crave for more WW2 games! But which one should I get? I don't care about Single Player, only the multiplayer. The most obvious difference is that COD2 cost for $40, while DODS is only $20. My friend told me that DODS has better multi, and has more solid...
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    If Americans were in RO...

    How could other sides compete? Most of the German and Russian infantry had Bolt Action Rifles, but most of the American Army had Semi Auto Rifles! I don't know much about Americans, but how could other sides compete with them in RO? Sure, Bolt Action Rifles are more accurate, but Semi Autos...
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    Iron Sights vs. Scope

    I don't understand. I am very accurate with a Rifle with sights, and I can hit a target with pinpoint accuracy even from a very long range, and have no problems against a running target. Rifles don't sway much either. I can proudly say I mastered a Rifle with Sights, with increadibly accuracy...
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    RO makes my gaming skills worse! :)

    This is not a rant thread, but more of an appreciation to the developers of TWI for making a fantastic ballistics system that changes the gameplay completly. When there is a guy running, and you shoot him, you will Surely miss. Instead, you have to aim several feet in front of him, and he will...
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    Suggestion for PTRD

    There seems to be 2 sides on the PTRD right now. One side saying they are too weak, and they cannot compare to the Panzerfaust and are too ineffective against tanks, and the other side, where they think PTRD is too powerful against tanks, and they shoudn't blow it up. The side where they want...
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    Why don't ppl use Semi Auto Rifles like bolts? Semi accuracy?

    I was reading a WW2 Magazine in a Book Store, and they were interviewing a Former German Soldier of WW2. The Veteran said that the Kar98 was the best weapon they had and was reliable and accurate, and the G43 semi auto rifle was not so good. They said for 35 shots, only 5 would hit a person. Is...
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    Why do Russians get Fausts?

    On maps like Ogledow, there are panzerfausts in every single building for Russians to grab. Why? Nobody picks the Anti Tank Soldier class in Ogledow as russian, because the panzerfaust is so much better and easier to use. People pick the Riflemen class instead, and grab a panzerfaust. Russians...
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    Favorite Weapon?

    Whats your favorite weapon in RO and why? I like the M38, because its a bolt, and becuase it has no bayonet, you are more likely to hit the person with the gun. The gun is also accurate, and looks better than other rifles, plus its lighter than other rifles. The gun is so quick and accurate...
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    I can't join servers

    Everytime I join a server, I says "connection failed", and internet works perfectly. I can't join any online servers. Did you guys accidently ban me? I don't understand why I can't join a server.
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    Is Gamespot getting worse?

    Back then, me and all my friends enjoyed Gamespot Reviews, and thought they were always Spot on, and the reviews are superb. Over the years, my friends thought Gamespot was too unfair and tough to games. I then relize that too a few weeks ago, after there increadibly harsh reviews. There...
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    Stug's Gone wild!

    I thought this was really funny. A few days ago, on some custom map, a Stug III was in our spawn, and it was killing all our guys. The thing basicly drove around in circles, or randomly driving around places, and we kept on getting runned over! There was 4 anti-tank soliders shooting at the...