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  1. JoshuaC

    G41 Optics suck

    Putting aside the whole "Why does this gun need optics." argument.. I was unfortunate enough to get this unlock in the SP campaign, and after 1 losing round I wanted to bash it up against a wall till it fell off. When aiming with it, the point of aim is a lot different than what the rest of the...
  2. JoshuaC

    Weird artifacts with the sun shafts

    I noticed this in beta, but it's even moreso noticeable here. Running it at mostly highest settings, with an ATi 5870.
  3. JoshuaC

    Why does this game need..

    Kill cams. - If I wanted this, I'd go play Day of Defeat, or BC2. It has no place in a game like this. Spawning on a squad leader. - BC2. "Realism servers" - Shouldn't this be what the entire game is about? Again, feels like an appeal to the BC2 player base. Copious amounts of zoom. - I...
  4. JoshuaC

    The cover system is nice, but it allows me to see through walls I've managed to do this quite a bit. Just take cover near a wall, and move your view around, and it'll start clipping through.
  5. JoshuaC

    Can we load up the maps just to explore?

    Server browser is kinda non functional, but I'd like to check out how the game handles alone. The regular open command doesn't seem to work though. Anyone know how to load up maps?
  6. JoshuaC

    Flickering lights

    Hey guys, I'm really enjoying KF but I've got a small graphical issue. Certain lights like fire lights and some indoor lights flicker very fast and glitchy. It doesn't effect gameplay or anything it just looks really bad. I'm running the game maxed out with 4X AA and 8X AF and my specs are as...
  7. JoshuaC

    Missing Information Source Mod

    Thought I'd make a new thread instead of messing up the screenshots topic. Missing Information is a Source mod that aims to revive the original darker, grittier Half Life 2 storyline. Trailer Be sure to watch in HD! We've released a early version of...
  8. JoshuaC

    Need a new tactical shooter.

    I've just about played Arma, RS3, RO, to death and I just beat SWAT4 and the expansion again and I'm in major need of something new. Doesn't have to be recently released just something fun and different. Please help me!
  9. JoshuaC

    To PS3 or not to PS3

    With the recent announcement of MGS4 coming out in a few short months and Blu Ray beating HD DVD I've been thinking of picking up a PS3. I've been wanting a HD movie player for a while but waiting to see the victor of the format wars and it seems the PS3 has been shaping up to be a pretty good...
  10. JoshuaC vLan 9/15!

    Hey guys, Over at, we're having a vLan on September 15 and we're looking to get more players to come out. The games we're playing (depending on the turnout) are: Counter-Strike: Source Day of Defeat: Source Half-Life 2: Deathmatch Battlefield 2 Unreal Tournament 2004 Quake...
  11. JoshuaC

    Making the RO SDK smaller

    Hey since now RO uses the new file system and all the files are out of GCF format could you take all the essential files from the SDK and put them into the new RO directory? If possible it could make the SDK only a few hundred MB making it less to download and less to have to store on the hard...
  12. JoshuaC

    Future support for client side weapon sounds?

    Hey Ro Dev team do you guys have any plans to allow custom weapon sounds that don't require the server to have it?
  13. JoshuaC

    Weak K98 and MN Fire sounds

    Am I the only one that thinks the K98 and the MN's have a rather weak unrealistic sound to them? The sounds for these guns in the mod had a nice realistic kick to them and made the guns feel powerfull.
  14. JoshuaC

    Why does the SDK have to take up so much space?

    Ok after downloading the SDK and running it I noticed a large chunk of my HD space was gone. I look at the directorys and found out it was using near 4gb just for the sdk alone (that's the GCF's and the extracted files). Can I delete the SDk GCF's after it's extracted all the files? I'm really...
  15. JoshuaC

    Tin can tanks?

    Is it just me or all the tanks in game feel light and cheesy? They turn way to sharp and speed up way to fast and all together have a light floaty feel. The tanks need to put on some weight and need to turn more gradually sort of like the tanks in BF2 (crappy game just compairing the tank...
  16. JoshuaC

    Demo Recording messed up?

    I decided to record some demo's of my 1337 tank skills (yeah right:p) when I got done with the match I had 4 demo's to view I loaded up one of them and it didn't show the 1st person weapon model and it didn't show the tank firing right. Is there a way to fix this? I really hate trying to record...
  17. JoshuaC

    Blur Effect without using DX9?

    Hey I love the performance that regular DX give me in Roost but I don't have the blur effect from grenades arty and bullets. Is there any way to get those effects but not have to switch to DX9? Thank's.