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    Why Red Orchestra 2 should go Free To play

    Hello everyone, please don't flame and be constructive. Looking at steam charts and steamcommunity, this is the first thought that is coming to my mind. Red Orchestra 2 should turn f2p. Why?The game now cost 4,49 euro. What I can see is that the boost comes from this price is not relevant...
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    I am worried about you, Tripwire

    Hey guys, what's wrong?Is everything all right?You are disappear after the last beta update (27 april). I'm worried about your health, take care of yourself guys! Your wife keep you busy at home?
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    Can we discuss about tanks?I'm an infantry man, but I think this is maybe the BIG(or the most important) issue about this game. As the game is now, tanks are unavalaible in every server. This is a real pity considering how Tripwire pushed the new feature about tanks before the rocky launch in...
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    Tripwire, take a clear direction

    I spent more 100 hours in this game without any significant issue. Now I'm reading about this lag compensation, Tripwire is thinking about give a server option... This will be horrible, I explain why. I am an italian player and there are a lot of servers in europe, france, russian, even in...
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    Any plans to release official map remake from Ostfront?

    As title, I'd like to know if Tripwire has in plans to do official remake from the map of Ostfront, like Konigsplatz, Basovska, Berezina, the most appreciated maps of the game. It will be great I think.
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    Italian Review on HCI

    I don't know if traslate google works well, but you can try and read I read a lot of bull****s about this game in other reviews...
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    I need my brick in Pavlov's House

    Come on, especially on Zeb's house.... This decision is crazy. And this is not a solution, 'cause I don't have better performance on medium or high for example. It is the same thing. You ruin the best looking point of the game. Don't break the game, guys. Bring me back my brick. :(
  8. D

    [Info] For who preorder the game from getgamesgo

    I preorder the game from getgamesgo. Now I have sent an email, this is the answer: We are currently awaiting the keys from the publisher, as soon as we receive them we will attach them to your account and send you an email. So, is the same thing for everyone who preorder the normal edition...
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    Difference between Relaxed and Realism?

    As title. I'd like to hear that in realism: - Zoom in iron sight OFF. - Manual Reloading for weapon. - Movement slower when stamina is over. - No secondary weapon I'm watching justin tv now. If not, what is the difference between two mode?I hope that Tripwire create a standard for a...
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    Soundtrack for preorder?

    I think it's a good thing for everyone who preorder the game. Like a "gift" for delay, release the Sam Hulick soundtrack!
  11. D

    A little advise for tripwire

    Why don't you start the preorder and beta with summer steam sale? :D
  12. D

    Don't be angry Tripwire, but...

    I know that you don't have a release date to share with us, neither a date for the large closed beta, but... 1)How many maps you completed?Can you give a percentage?For instance, the game is completed at 70 per cent, less, more? :D 2) I think that a weekly update can calm people, it is not a...
  13. D

    Sales Goal?

    Yesterday I read that a game like medal of honor have sold FIVE MILLION COPIES. My hopinion is that this is a shame, it's an horrible game.. What about tripwire and Red Orchestra2? Have you got a goal for sales?When you see that a weak game like MOH has sold a bunch of copies, what is your...
  14. D

    When Tripwire give us some new material to talk about?

    I read the new F.A.Q. , so it seems like that community must be quiet and do not speak about RO2 Heroes of Stalingrad. When new material will be release? News about beta, new images, new videos, NEW. I have preordered just few days ago Overgrowth by Wolffire. An alpha update every week to...
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    A couple of question!

    Yesterday I played after long time to Ostfront, and... :D - In HOS, can we create team like battlefield bad company 2 to stay close our friend?I know that there will be a little map on screen, so it will be good to see better our friend to play in the same area. Obviously without the respawn...
  16. D

    Was the game profitable?

    I want to ask you about sales. I think that you cannot give number of sales(or not?), but sure I think you can say if the game was profitable, how many copy you've sold full price, how many in discount, how many in preorders..In which percentage, piracy has damage you or not.. :p
  17. D

    What does it works moral?

    I have seen the long interview with John Gibson, and I heard about moral. In which way it will work?If you stay close a good player with high rank, your moral increase. Ok, so?Less weariness?Soldier will be more faster than first?Critics like Team Fortress2? Sorry for my english ;)
  18. D

    Something BIG thursday?

    What what what. :D give some news NOW. :D
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    Is there a plan to bring HOS to console?

    After I've seen the videos from gamescon, I've this idea. Is it wrogn?I think you change the weapon selection, the order, men