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    For gaming EXPERTS - FPS history

    Hi guys I need your expert help. Let's say I am working on FPS gaming quiz for my magazine. 1337 knowledge of FPS history is needed. I will run some questions by you, please try to provide answers. This is NOT a quiz, you're just helping me create one, so answer what you feel you know, skip...
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    England - Croatia 2:3

    pwn3d n00bz0rz LMAO \o/
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    50p server - Sniper bugged?

    The Wild Bunch 50 player server yesterday, Berezina map (enormously huge map, officially included in the last update, with Germans on the attack, and rounds lasting 40 minutes or something, it has working AT gun for Soviets). I love this map and think it'a a mapping masterpiece BTW. I played...
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    Scoped Mosin with silencer FTW

    Thought you're going to like this :D Nestor do you recognize the language?
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    U3 = t3h suX?!?!

    I was playing Rainbow 6 Vegas for some time, and... well, to put it short game is interesting, some novel solutions, perhaps even very good but that's not the point... The game looks IMO extremely ugly - overwhelming "bloom" effect, totally unrealistic lighting, muddy picture, screwed up...
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    Team stacking

    Was out of RO scene for couple months, playing - oh the blasphemy - BF2142. Yes, a game with very small amount of tactics, unrealistic, full of stats whoring etc. But, hey, A TEAM BALANCE SYSTEM THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!! NO TEAM STACKING!!!!!!! Wow, my god have I been translated to some...
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    Screenshots garbled

    Hi, as of couple weeks ago I notice my RO screenshots are garbled ie only about 25% of the screen area is captured and it seems to be interlaced with the other 25%, making it barely recognizable. Around 50% of the screen (lower half) is not captured at all. The game works fine. Now this...
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    Relax the TK limits please!!!

    After being kicked for TKs for zillionth time from my favorite server - always some n00b run into your arty strikes or nades or jumping over you when you let rip with MG - I wrote the following mail to the admin, but it basically goes to every RO admin out there. Hi, can you ease the TK limits...
  9. O


    I have two fairly simple and easy to implement ideas that would help with usability and user friendlines, mainly for n00bs (but not exclusively for them), TREMENDOUSLY. Both ideas stem from listening to actual persons observe, ask and complain, form my 7 yo son, to my 45 yo boss (both of whom...
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    Den Pobedy on 7GA server!

    INVITATION TO MAY 9th PARTY ON *7GA* GAMESERVER & SCREENIE COMPO Celebrating the Den Pobedy, or the International Day of Victory over fascism, 7th Guards Army (*7GA*), premier European based RO Soviet realism clan, invites everyone to participate in special event. The celebration begins 9th...
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    Voip ?

    This may sound crazy but how do I know my VOIP (mic) works? I hear other people but do they hear me? I can't see an indicator to the left with my name - is it supposed to be there when I speak, or only for others? I'd hate to have to test my setup on public server, speaking nonsense while I...
  12. O

    Loading icon for driver

    One suggestion from me, I don't know if it has been mentioned before.... I think tank (think tank LOL) driver should have icon showing the progress of the loading of tank's main gun too, so that he knows when to stop. In real life loader would probably yell, and thus inform all his mates when...
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    Most players I've seen so far

    Just taken this screenshot, this is most players I've seen on RO servers so far. In one of the older threads I asked that whoever first sees number going above 1800 post a screenshot, now I've seen it it's only fair I post a screenshot :cool: PS. well, I just realized I have no idea how to...
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    Three questions...

    Hi, new poster here (obviously) and I have three, unrelated questions. Yes I have read the FAQs but I didn't find answers to them. 1. Steam. I have two gaming PCs (office and home) and I play on both (plus I have at least two other non gaming PCs :) ). Can this Steam system, that I never used...