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  1. K

    Best Cadbury's Chocolate Advert Ever!

    Not only does it have a song by the legendary Phil Collins, it has a Gorilla playing the drums! What more could you ask for? Seriously? :D
  2. K

    Eurovision this was so gay yet so catchy at the same time i couldnt stop laughing at it or get the tune out of my head once i heard it.
  3. K

    Connecting to server...

    I know there is numerous threads on this already but im sick of this problem, im unable to connect to the news server thus any other servers in ro. Some nights its fine and i can connect some times i cant at all. Ive opened all the ports deleted blob , ddl, etc, defragmented, cleared cache etc...
  4. K

    Commander Choice Of Grenades

    I look in the compiled suggestion's thread and could see anything realted to this although im sure there was a thread about it a while ago, but anway... The commander desperately needs the choice of having either smoke grenades or normal frag grenades, i was playing this afternoon as the...
  5. K

    Server Browser Problem

    When i click i go into multiplayer and click on the server browser nothing appears, even though at the bottom right it says that 300 servers have been found yet the screen still appears blank. I can access servers through buddies and favourites but not through the normal browser. Ive deleted...
  6. K

    Can I Have Sniper Please?

    RANT/ Just had a morning sessions of RO after a night out and i played sniper on a few maps, and constantly people asking 'can i have sniper please, king ragnar you **** let me be sniper etc' was really doing my tits in these people who think they are awesome and should be sniper alll the time...
  7. K

    Championship Manager 2007

    Anyone play i just got recently and im hooked ive been a fan of the games for a while now, just started my new season as Manchester Utd and im currently top :D
  8. K

    Any Lost Fans?

    Just wondering as teh second series has just finished here in the Uk and i have seen a preview for the 3rd series in America which starts soon and it looks awesome. So any others a die hard fan like my self?:D
  9. K

    ROLadder Nations Cup: Team England/Britain

    Your Country, King and Queen need you! Enlist now at RO Ladder! Simply fill in the profile options and make sure you select England as your location and then click the Community Tab at the top of the page and post in the Nations cup area for England, if your interested. Lets Put the GREAT back...
  10. K

    HellGate: London

    Seen a preview of this in my PC Gamer mag and i think it looks awesome its from the makers of Diablo, and is set in London, check the link out:
  11. K

    MAS 1938 French SMG

    Still WIP, but i thought i would share my new and improved model of it :D: From the Front: And The Iron Sights which is very WIP because i think i have placed them on the wrong side:
  12. K

    Other Periods

    Does anyone here have interest of other periods of history, because the only things that get discussed here are about ww2 or 1 lol, i personnaly love the medieval period and the 16th to 18th centuries, so would anyone else like to discuss something other than ww 2 or 1 :D
  13. K

    To those who use xfire

    After the latest install of RO, it no longer appears in my installed game part of xfire thus when i play it doesnt tell others i am, could someone be so kind to get the game path line in the ro section of their installed games, go to tools/options/games/ro and get the game path please. thanks...
  14. K

    Guess The Gun Thread

    Kinda Copying of the 1944 D-day forums but dont tell them that :p You post a pic of the gun and others have to guess what it is with out right clicking on properties of it and looking at link, or you can put it on image shack so they cant ( ) EDIT RULES FROM XENDANCE/STOLEN...
  15. K

    The MP41 (merged)

    Who loved the mp41 from the mod, i personally loved iton Berlin and loved the sound and look of it. I mainly used to pick it to be different everyone else:D
  16. K

    No Score = Better Gameplay?

    Well it was Vet night earlier on the Full Metal Jacket Server, and they had the no score mutator which i must say made the gameplay alot better. Many of my clan members on TS thought so too. People were actually working as team and didnt care about caps or kills they only cared about winning as...
  17. K

    This Game Is Currently Unavailable?

    Sometimes my video card may crash i get a frozen scrren and then i will need to restart my comp, after this i reboot come back start steam, try to run RO, but then it says 'This game is currently Unavailbe?' Is this steam or the game its self and what does it mean?
  18. K

    The Red Army

    The Red Army Website : Leaders: Frazz Msn Contact: IRC: Quakenet #<RA> RA area new who are recruiting, if you are interested dont hesitate to contact our leader or go to our forums.