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  1. MagicSnake

    Always see your name on the scoreboard

    I humbly suggest that you always see your name when bringing up the scoreboard. For example, you join a match-in-progress, you have 0 points, your name is not on the scoreboard. You suspect your connection to the server is poor/jumpy, but you are not totally sure. You can't see your ping...
  2. MagicSnake

    Beige colored mouse cursor is a poor choice of color

    Minor suggestion ahead: The beige colored mouse cursor used the navigate the mostly beige colored menus (those menus you bring up while in a match, such as the spawn menu, map, etc.) is not a very good choice of color as it's easy to "lose" your cursor just trying to click the "ready" button on...
  3. MagicSnake

    [Tuning] "Screen shaking" effect from artillery is not ended when the round ends

    The title says it all: Basically, if you're under the "screen shaking" effect produced by a nearby artillery strike and suddenly the current round/match ends, the "screen shaking" effect is kept in loop during the "end of round" sequence where the score and experience windows are displayed (i.e...
  4. MagicSnake

    Amazing game

    I'm truly amazed at what the TWI devs we able to put together. ROOst was impressive to say the least, and was by far my most loved and played FPS on the market (until now). With RO2, all the mechanics are there to provide the most engrossing FPS experience I've ever encountered. So far, all my...
  5. MagicSnake

    The cycle of life

    stellar dust -> earth -> organic soil -> corn -> ham -> wolf -> german soldier -> :IS2: -> black hole -> :IS2::IS2: Very scientific. Also, can predict the outcome of our current universe.
  6. MagicSnake

    Now that RO2 has interruptible reloading: choosing your magazine when reloading

    I was going to write my suggestion, but this post (dating from 2006 and referring to ROOst) sums it very well: (source: I'm suggesting this because in ROOst, especially with semi-auto rifles, I sometimes reload despite still having...
  7. MagicSnake

    Tank crew: loader... what if he dies?

    The gun loader position in a tank is taken by the AI for obvious reasons. But what if he dies? How will reload be handled? And what if he's the only crew member left: will the player be able to take command of him, move him to the driver's seat and attempt to retreat? (since tanks can be...
  8. MagicSnake

    Questions regarding material penetration by various projectiles

    Hi, I was wondering what TWI had in mind when they stated RO2:HoS featured material penetration. Mainly, I was asking myself: Concerning bullets: 1. Will a bullet penetrate more/less depending on it's caliber/type/velocity/etc.? 2. Upon penetrating, will a bullet slow down? If so, will the...