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  1. Aggamemnon

    [Question] My Server keeps going Unranked.

    My 32 Slot Red Orchestra 2 / Rising Storm server keeps going Unranked? I have 2 map cycles only now and those 2 have the original maps for RO2 and RS only in them. I did this because they seemed to be an issue with the new maps for the latest update and Ranking. I thought that by removing those...
  2. Aggamemnon

    Kakoda Trail

    It would be good to see the Aussies included in Rising Storm and have the Kakoda Trail there also. Just a suggestion and it would probably require a few maps, but the added weapons would also be great. The .303 , Owen Machine Carbine and the Bren to name a few. Just an idea.
  3. Aggamemnon

    Max Players exceeded?

    I have my server running fine and playable with both Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm without any ingame issues. Well except for a few little ones like hit box detection issues. However I started seeing the server go down regularly and though that it was crashing, I was wrong though as it was...
  4. Aggamemnon

    Ranking has gone back to zero.

    Greetings. I am putting this in for my son and his friend who were playing yesterday. They have both lost their Ranking for some reason and have been reset back to zero with both Honor level and Weapons level? I got them to Verify their game files and rejoin, but the there was no change? I...
  5. Aggamemnon

    [Question] Players can't find Server on Browser?

    My son just verified his files this morning as was suggested and performed his first time setup. He went into the Server Browser to find my Server and could not see it. It is there for myself and most of my friends, yet I have also heard from others that they cannot see it either? I checked...
  6. Aggamemnon

    My Stats and Ranking are gone?

    Hi guys. What have you done with our Stats and Ranking again? I have nearly 600 hours of gameplay and run my own hosted 24 slot server. I am or now was Hero Class on Assault and Commander. I was playing today and started out with my Rank as usual then the map changed and it was gone? Please...
  7. Aggamemnon

    Multi Web Admin problems after Update

    This is at least the second time this has happened now and it is becoming tedious and frustrating. I have just finished the Steam Update for my RO2 Server and then started up my Multi Web Admin only to find that I cannot connect to it? I am getting on to my Server Hosting Company to fix the...