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  1. BlackLabel

    Private Collectors Edition - expert level i mean sure...why not have a panther stored for later. I havent seen any actual pics of the thing as of yet. :IS2::o
  2. BlackLabel

    Alternative Trailer mirror

    Ello, sadly tho due to our beloved agency called GEMA german users are not able to watch the Trailer if it is not embedded. We Need to use proxytube or another similar plugin. Could you guys consider uploading it to vimo or something ? thanks !!!! :o
  3. BlackLabel

    [Movie] NSA to check online game communitys

    It was a joke among some until: i know the Forum rules state "no politics" but this is interesting in the sense of WHAT Kind of info they thought they whould get from gaming communitys...i...
  4. BlackLabel

    RO2 Raise Level Cap / revamp Menues

    So... i hit the 99
  5. BlackLabel

    RO2 severe changing barrel bug

    Ah...where to start ? I Play ALOT of mg-class lately and it was my favorite in ro1 besides beign rifleman ( or commander ). "Back than" you had to glitch a Little to aim downwards outside of Windows ect. but anyways... THE BUG: it seems that since the last patch in 70% of cases when...
  6. BlackLabel

    RS the guns of rs lets start with the tommy gun...;) rejected laughed at.... still badass.
  7. BlackLabel

    [Error] No server list

    No server list is present when clicking browser. Some servers show up after some minute but those are the empty ones. ( and only like 10 of them ) No filters enabled, and i cant even see the fav. servers. I know i have to delete something little because i had something similar in ro1 and i...
  8. BlackLabel

    reverse defend/attack serverside

    so... since many campaign threads pop up what can be concluded is that reversing sides spices things up alot ( oh and please give satchels to germans on "kessel" ) Why not have the servers like 2fj and the russian comm server "3" switch the startingpoints after one rotation ? Is tthat even...
  9. BlackLabel

    Show the tankers some love !!

    :IS2: allright...first i dont care for upgrades or levels and stuff..its nice to sit on a certain spot for sure and be HEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, but, in the end if i twitch iam dead. DED. TWI, why are there no "upgrades" to tanks ? Or to put it more precice to tankcrew abbilitys. How about making...
  10. BlackLabel

    Suprising fun with classes you normaly dont play

    so, in RO1 i started to play PTRD very late and got fully into sneaking, flanking and begin an annoyance and killer of tanks and infantry. It was a great challenge and teached me alot more about the game. I grew to LOVE playing the class, especially on Leningrad and Berezina. Now, since i...
  11. BlackLabel

    [Movie] Unsere M

    Unsere M
  12. BlackLabel

    Syria Tank Videos Intresting but in russian :/ Anyone a idea about a translated version ?
  13. BlackLabel

    [Game] Hotline Miami

    just bought this and have a brutal blast... anyone else ? It so charmingly brutal yet nostalgic "16bit"
  14. BlackLabel

    [Game] EU trying to regulate on your GPU

    they really will impose a law on that, unbelivable. Its kinda in line with all the other Bull**** regulations they pull up. Come on I PAY for the energy i use, let me buy what the **** i...
  15. BlackLabel

    [Game] the comback of text adventures ! wait, what ? CYPHER ! yeah right...interactive text adventure ( you have to type and **** ) hefty price for starters ( for now ) but iam intrueged..and not only because iam reading "snow crash" this week. mhhh..i...
  16. BlackLabel

    [Game] Wargame: AirLand Battle

    Sine i LOVE wargame european escalation the follow up will be even better as it seems.
  17. BlackLabel

    RANDOM *intresting?* Article Thread

    Yes Folks, a new Random thinngy. We have Random videos, pics, ****that happens, everythingturndoutbetterthanexpectedday, threats but no "random intresting article" Thread. So without further adoo, lets start ...
  18. BlackLabel

    Your Favorite RO2 moment

    We had this kinda thread in the good ole RO1 days. Lets have one for RO2 !! Today i had several "omg i love this ****" moments. One where i bashed a german in the face in zabs house and he leaped out the window, slowly. Another when i stabbed some unexpected german on Appartments and stood in...
  19. BlackLabel

    [Error] getting ammo as PTRS

    So...i went on fallen fighters with PTRS. got to my nomal spot not far from a ammo crate. I ran out of ammo, sprinted to the crate and got....satchels. ??? Still no ammo. I had to wait some time and try to reload the empty gun unitl the game deceided to give me fresh ammo for the PTRS. Happend...
  20. BlackLabel

    Changing to Original Voices

    Yes for some people it might be good to have russians and germans speaking in horrendious comical english tounge. But TBH..i cant stand that. AFIK i have read somewhere that we are able to switch back to the original voices per option. That dosent seem to be implented as of yet. I have also...