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  1. <NUT> N

    Clandestine NO FP? Bug?

    I play all difficultys and over all, but didnt see any FP in Clandestine map, is a personal bug or is the map??
  2. <NUT> N

    Best host for a KF server?

    Hello. Im thinking about got my own hosted server. So my question is, what is the best server hosting, i look in and looks fine, is cheap and seems good ping and costmize options on server, but what is your opinion? Thanks.
  3. <NUT> N

    KF Pukey The Clown Tattoo.

    For everyone who miss when I ask for permission to use one image of the game (whit copyright I assume), to do one tattoo on me. Check that. Some persons dont believe and trust in me, and said you will got never. I dont care for that, im only a fan of that awsome game. So here my tattoo, in a...
  4. <NUT> N

    Image for tatoo permission.

    Hi to TWI team and all players. I would like ask for permission to TWI if you let me use you image of Pukey The Clown, for a tatoo, I really love the game and would like got a tatoo whit him, love Pukey specimen, is one of most perturbing, and for this love it. I know that have copyright or I...
  5. <NUT> N

    Only for common interest.

    Hi, I dont know if anyone do anytime the Bonus Kill Specimes, in the wave 2 of KFO_Steamland, I do a bit times only for fun, and yesterday look something strange, and today I do screenshots of that. The question is: I kill 31 zeds in the first wave, really dont know why sometimes some zeds...
  6. <NUT> N

    Please stop speeking bad about zerk.

    First, sorry for my english if is not good im sorry is not my tongue. Well i read always lot and lot of threads about if zerk is OP and they play alone, they kill all zeds, they got lots of money, infinite ammo, etc, so i say please stop that, i love play zerk but not for this reason that OP, no...
  7. <NUT> N

    Asking for achievement whit Axe

    Hi, the achivement, kill 30 fleshpounds whit Dwarfs!? from behind, is only whit xmas fleshpounds? or can get it in anytime?
  8. <NUT> N

    FP, whit Axe

    I want to ask, if the achievement, Toma mi hacha (in spanish, dont know how is in english), that must kill 30 FP from behind whit Dwarfs!? Axe, is only for Xmas Event?. The question is why is too much hard got 30 FP from behind, because in a normal game, only can spawn in a full server in...