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  1. Yoshiro

    Losing progress, new player

    Yes, sadly it is rare (Of the over the 1 million Maneater players, a few hundred have reported it. Please don't take this the wrong way, this is not a great situation for the players it impacts and we want to fix it for them). It is one of our top priorities that we are investigating and as...
  2. Yoshiro

    Cannot connect to Tripwire official AS/SG servers. Custom servers work properly

    There are no differences in any of the server settings between beta and live, and the same files are deployed world wide for all clients. It is interesting to note that you don't appear to have issues with the beta.
  3. Yoshiro

    Losing progress, new player

    We understand your frustration, but sadly overall this issue is quite rare and we have had trouble replicating it internally, which has made it hard to track down what is causing it. We are continuing to investigate this issue as one of the top priorities and are looking for any player...
  4. Yoshiro

    Kicking and Banning Concerns

    If you mean the in game developer console, that works. The management console is part of webadmin and that is currently what is disabled.
  5. Yoshiro

    Maneater Known Issues PSA

    Updated the Known Issues list with the following changes and additions: (Change) Progress Loss/Save Game Issues We are continuing to investigate this issue, but so far attempts to replicate it internally to find the cause have failed. We are looking for any and all player information about...
  6. Yoshiro

    Maneater Evolves with Next-Gen Enhancements! FAQ

    I am told this is a global XBox issue and Microsoft is working on it and are enabling quick resume on a case by case basis as games are tested.
  7. Yoshiro

    Trophies glitched

    Thank you all, we think we have some information about why this may be happening and we are working on a fix.
  8. Yoshiro

    Maneater Evolves with Next-Gen Enhancements! FAQ

    I've asked QA to verify if that is something we have seen or are aware of.
  9. Yoshiro

    PS5 Killing Floor 2 updates ?

    There are no plans for new platform builds for next gen consoles with Killing Floor 2. As a reminder, the PS4 and Xbox One builds will work on those platforms without any additional changes.
  10. Yoshiro

    Killing Floor 2 Winter Beta 2 Is Here

    We strongly disagree, and you may not have been seeing the bigger picture that we were here. The reasoning behind this change became the one of the top pieces of feedback/talking points of the PC community. We are working on other changes, but decided we needed to act now to make sure we...
  11. Yoshiro

    Kicking and Banning Concerns

    To echo myself, we know this isn't an ideal change for admins, and it is only intended to be temporary until a better solution is implemented. But in this case the team decided to err on the side of the better play environment of most players while that work continues.
  12. Yoshiro

    Killing Floor 2 Winter Beta 2 Is Here

    We know it is not an ideal change, and it is intended to be temporary as we work on a better full measure to address the reasoning behind this change, but we are expecting this change to last at least until the next major update.
  13. Yoshiro

    Espire Update 1.7 Anniversary Edition

    QUEST VERSION: Version 1.7.218 With our 1.7 Anniversary update, we want to thank the more than 150,000 users that have purchased this game and allowed it to become an Oculus Quest top seller. We poured our hearts and souls into the development of Espire 1. The game had a shaky launch but we...
  14. Yoshiro

    Killing Floor 2 Winter Beta 2 Is Here

    To opt into this beta on Steam, join the "preview" branch available in the Beta drop down list. Admins will need to use the following SteamCMD flag: app_update 232130 -beta preview To opt into this beta on EGS, the Beta will be accessible within KF2 owners’ game libraries as a separate...
  15. Yoshiro

    Trophies glitched

    We are continuing to investigate this issue and are hoping more players will let us know which trophies they had trouble getting as that may help us find the root cause of this issue.
  16. Yoshiro

    Trophies glitched

    We are working with our partners at PlayStation to try and determine what is happening here for users who are experiencing this.
  17. Yoshiro

    Whitelist Request - More Damage Mutator

    This has been passed along for review.
  18. Yoshiro

    Offering Help for Customs to go Official

    Your offer has been passed along.
  19. Yoshiro

    Tripwire Interactive Community Report (TICR) November 2020 Edition

    Your words here are doing quite a bit of assumptions on behalf of the people you are assuming for.
  20. Yoshiro

    Trophies glitched

    @XXSODACAN2 What platform where you on? And when did you start this last session?